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Ubuntu is a popular operating system (OS) based on Debian GNU/Linux. This distribution has gained worldwide fame for its user-friendly interface, support for a large number of software packages and a huge community that is actively involved in the development of the project.

It is not a secret that before 2006 the Linux-environment did not differ convenience for beginners and those who are accustomed to the window interface of Windows. If the user did not know the OS device and control commands, the entrance to the Linux world was closed for him. The developers from Canonical team decided to change the established rules of the game and make Linux more accessible for all categories of users. The authors of Ubuntu introduced a nice shell for the GNOME graphical interface and added a simple installer that allowed you to install the OS in just a few steps. It did not require registration and, unlike openSUSE, did not have any time limits for use. Later, the distribution got various modifications and gained wide recognition among those who had never been familiar with Unix-like systems before.

Among the built-in applications of Ubuntu one can single out Nautilus - a file manager that allows you to transfer, copy and delete data from different folders and directories, as well as view hidden files. For those who prefer to install programs from the repository, there are aptitude and apt-get update managers available in the standard terminal. Peripherals are connected via the Thunderbolt utility, and Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are available to search the Internet for information and receive emails, respectively.

Ubuntu is available in several editions, as well as desktop and server versions. The latter, in turn, is considered by experienced users as a simple option to deploy the server environment at home.

- A large number of free office applications, internet messengers, graphics editors and other programs;

- OS does not impose restrictions on those who want to use it for commercial purposes or to perform business tasks;

- support for popular games, including Civilization 5, Football Manager 2018, Dota 2 and others.

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