Universal Document Converter

by fCoder Group

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: fCoder Group

Last revision: Last week

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Universal Document Converter - as its name suggests, this is a program for converting documents to different formats. But unusual. The uniqueness of Universal Document Converter is that it works not as an independent application, but as a virtual printer.

A virtual printer is a program that is installed as a driver and creates a virtual device in the system that is defined as a printer but is not related to the real printer. The device is available in all programs that have a Print dialog and is usually used to save documents in PDF and other formats.

Universal Document Converter works on the same principle. It's a rather unusual, but quite a good idea for a converter. After all, when using this program, you can save documents in various formats directly from the editor, in which these documents were created, without being distracted by third-party programs.

In order to convert a document in the Universal Document Converter program, you need to select the Print dialog box in the program you are working in (usually it is located in the File menu, or it is available by the CTRL+P key combination), select Universal Document Converter in the list of printers and click on the Printer Properties button located next to it. Then you can choose the necessary settings and specify the file format. The following formats are available:

BMP - raster graphic format without compression;

DCX is a format based on the graphic format PCX;

GIF is a graphic format for the Internet with a limited range of colors;

JPEG is a well-known JPG, the digital image standard;

PDF is a convenient and common format for documents;

PNG is a common graphical format that uses lossless compression;

TIFF - a multipage raster format without losses.

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