by USBlyzer Team

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: USBlyzer Team

Last revision: Last week

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USBlyzer is a utility designed to monitor the activity of devices connected to a computer via USB interface. The program displays a detailed list of changes made to the system by such devices and helps to determine if the computer is "infected" by various Autorun-viruses. USBlyzer displays information about all ports and accurately identifies connected devices, whether they are drives, smartphones/tablets, peripherals, etc. Any version of the USB interface (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) is supported.

The program interface is divided into a panel with an activity ribbon and a list of ports. There is also a section with collected technical information about the connected devices. Ports are displayed in a tree-like list, which allows you to see the interfaces "belonging" to one hub more clearly. To start collecting information about the device, use the "Capture" item and select the appropriate parameters of activity analysis. Monitoring is performed in real time, and all collected statistics are displayed in a single summary table. Supported for URB, IOCTL and IRP "hijacking".

In addition to malware protection, USBlyzer also serves to detect and correct device performance problems. The utility is particularly good at detecting problems that occur during data transfer.

In general, we have a rather useful program that has a pretty "scary" price tag, but can be used for free with limited functionality.

- allows monitoring the activity of devices connected to USB ports;

- Helps to detect system infection with various Autorun anti-viruses;

- can "intercept" IRP, URB and IOCTL;

- can export the device tree list to a separate document;

- allows you to "filter" unnecessary information in the activity ribbon.

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