Valentina Studio

by Paradigma Software

A versatile database management and editing tool with extended features for SQLite and PostgreSQL

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Paradigma Software

Release : Valentina Studio 9.6

Antivirus check: passed

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Valentina Studio is a database management software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It allows users to work with Valentina DB and SQLite local files as well as with MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Valentina DB servers. This tool offers a set of functionalities that surpass even some commercial applications, particularly for SQLite and PostgreSQL.

It features a schema editor that allows managing multiple databases and various operations in tabs and dockable views. It is possible to create, delete, modify and browse tables, fields, indexes, triggers, constraints, links, views, stored procedures, properties, sequences, types, etc. The property inspector displays and allows editing of common properties of all objects or multiple different objects at the same time.

  • Free graphical user interface manager for Mac/Win/Lin
  • Comprehensive schema editor
  • Efficient data editor
  • User-friendly SQL editor
  • Integrated server administrator

The data editor allows browsing, sorting, and filtering records. It provides inline and specialized editors, allows column sorting with a simple mouse click, and offers image previews. The SQL editor, on the other hand, allows quick writing of SQL queries thanks to autocompletion and syntactic coloring. It allows defining and managing favorite queries, keeps a history of recent queries, and has a function browser with the description of each function.

Valentina Studio provides a comprehensive, user-friendly interface for managing multiple databases across various platforms.

The server administrator allows adding and removing users and groups, managing privileges, monitoring real-time logs, running diagnostics, registering and unregistering databases, and creating and modifying scheduled events. Lastly, the software offers diagnostic tools, compression, cloning, defragmentation, reindexing, and data dumping.

The PRO version of Valentina Studio adds additional tools such as the query editor, the Valentina Project - which allows maintaining reports, forms, JavaScript - the form editor, and the report editor.

OS: Windows, Mac, or Linux
Minimum 1 GB of RAM
50 MB free disk space
Internet connection for server management

Supports multiple database formats including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.
Offers efficient, user-friendly data and SQL editors.
Integrated server administrator for comprehensive database management.

Lacks advanced query optimization features.
GUI can feel cluttered and overwhelming.
Limited technical support options.
A low-code platform for creating customized, dynamic web database applications.
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