by Flagship Industries Inc

Free software used for communication across a server

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Flagship Industries Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ventrilo is an application for voice communication over IP networks (VoIP). The program consists of server and client parts. To be able to talk to each other, multiple users must connect to the same server. Therefore, each of them should have a client program installed and one of them should also have a server installed. Ventrilo provides decent sound quality for voice communication, is small in size and can activate voice capture by hotkey. The application allows you to set up many types of channels for negotiations (including password-protected channels). It is possible to convert text to voice, adjust sound effects and record conversations. There is a built-in chat like IRC.

- Voice communication with a group of people. - Private conversations from user to user. - Dynamic creation of individual channels. - Sub channels. - Muffled channels. - Timeless channels. - Limited client channel. - Channel filtering. - Protektsiya server login and password. - Advanced channel filtering control capabilities. - Individual password protection for the channel. - Text Speech (TTS) voice generation. - Fastening the key to perform special functions of the program, wave files of the game, sending a TTS message. - An IRC-like chat room has been created. - Users can leave dynamic messages in the chat room. - Assigning a server name by the user. Now there is no need to remember the IP address. - Remote administration of server features and current users. - Remote administration of permanent server properties. - Adjustment of sound effects by the user - Constant special effects including surround sound for users, channels, servers. - Built-in browser. - Ability to record, play back voice streams. - Voice activation or Press-to-talk transmission methods. - Link to change channels or cycle through all available channels. - Support of various platforms for servers. - Multiple customer platform support. - The server now works on 64-bit platforms. - Clients and servers do NOT contain any spy features. - The server defines a decoder to control voice quality and bandwidth usage. - Customize the display operation modes. - Customize the appearance of icons and icons in the user list. - Soon the *NIX - Portable mutual platform server platform will be supported.

Ventrilo has always been the flagship of peer-to-peer voice communication software. I personally use Ventrillo for gaming with my mates. The sound quality over Ventrilo is excellent and I have rarely noticed any feedback or background noise from my friends. Like... sometime you'll have someone who has their TV on in the background. You don't have to worry about that with Ventrillo. Its interface is so intuitiveness that I could never see myself switching to another software.
Ventrilo for Windows is the absolute industry recommended software for group communication software. Ventrilo comes highly recommended because of its top-notch sound quality, low CPU usage as to not interfere with other PC functions, and a simple user interface that will allow anyone of any ability to use it with no issues. Ventrilo also protects your data in secure data centers, which will provide peace of mind in regards to privacy or data selling. Ventrilo is a trusted and recommended software.
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