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ViaTalk is a Voice over Internet Provider (or VoIP for short). This product provides unlimited calling plans for businesses and individuals alike, with services like call waiting, call forwarding, international calls, and even directory assistance.

While there are cheaper plans on the market (this one will run you about $16 dollars a month), ViaTalk is unlimited. So, if your phone lines are going to see high traffic, this plan is worth your consideration.

VThis plan might not have all the bells and whistles either when compared to other plans, however, it is simple to use, free to install, and again, unlimited. The call features are strong and easy to use, and the general quality of the service is excellent, even if lacking in features. If other plans seem too complicated or expensive, giving ViaTalk a try would be a smart Idea. They have a number of useful and cost-effective features:

Unlimited calling

  • Directory Assistance
  • International calls are available.
  • Unlimited calls
  • Call waiting and forwarding
  • Free Installation
  • Voice Mail
  • Support services: live, over phone or chat
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Virtual Phone Numbers

So, whether you're an individual seeking a VoIP or a business looking for affordable phone service options, ViaTalk is a viable option. This service provides free installation, has international call plans, and comes with live-chat customer support for any problems you may run into. If you run into a problem, the ViaTalk team will be right there to help, and if you do not like the system, you can always cancel. It's only $49.95 to do so, which is not so bad a price. This is a great service for anyone who wants a simple, efficient, and thorough set-up. So, with their unlimited plans, international calls, and free installation I would consider ViaTalk for your individual, home or business needs!

ViaTalk is great. It provides a lot of different calling features depending on your plan. With VIaTalk you can record calls, forward call so you don't miss them, has caller ID and the ability to check voicemails from almost anywhere using your phone, a web browser or email! They also have a referral program where you can get VT points.
If you are in need of a voice mobile application that works in high definition, then you need to download ViaTalk. ViaTalk is a VoIP app that distinguishes itself from other applications that you might be familiar with because it has so many features that really simplify your life through features that range from video calling to VoIP to instant chatting. You can use this app for both your personal and business needs.
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