by Bram Moolenar

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bram Moolenar

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.92022

Vim is an unusual text editor. It provides the user with a number of unique features that are not available in any other editor. Once you've mastered Vim, you'll be able to use features that will noticeably speed up your work with text files.

The editor's interface is quite unconventional. You have to get used to it, learn how to use it. Not everything will be clear at first. The first time you start Vim, your eyes run away. But after spending some time studying the controls and hotkeys you will realize that working with the program is quite easy. Thanks to the active use of hot keys, the speed of work with the editor increases significantly. In just a few weeks, you will be able to perform various operations with documents much faster.

The program supports several modes: editing, command and visual. Each mode has its own functions. A separate key combination is responsible for the inclusion of each one. For example, to use the command mode, press ESC. Vim did not do without the function of highlighting the syntax of the program code.

- a unique text editor;

- rich functionality and customizability of the text;

- a few operating modes;

- low system requirements;

- distribution free of charge.

Callum (unverified)
The product VIM needs to have more information in regards to what it's used for and also what the price on it is, there are many softwares out there that have the same use as Microsoft word but not many have the simplicity and good use of it. This product needs to have a more detailed description and a set price if it costs anything.
Josh (unverified)
Vim is an alternative to word, but instead of a nice interface, Vim uses a text editor that is navigated using hotkeys instead of a user interface, making it more of a command prompt combined with Word.
Leo (unverified)
This software is definitely unique, I haven't used anything like it before and I've used a lot of text editors. And at first it isn't easy to use, there is a definite learning curve. But with practice it becomes easier and it becomes very efficient to use.
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