Virtual Piano

by ButtonBass

Allows for a fun virtual piano experienceon windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ButtonBass

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Virtual Piano is a pretty simple program that lets you play the piano right on your computer and mix your previous recordings. You don't need to have any specific skills to do this, just use your keyboard, mouse and fantasy.

In addition to the sounds of a standard piano, three other piano sounds are available, as well as a set of percussion instruments. Besides, you can choose and download other programs of the developer in the interface right away - virtual guitar, synthesizer and so on. The working area of the application is divided into two parts: in the upper part you can enable/disable various additional functions, and in the lower part there are 48 piano keys: 28 white and 20 black (half-tones), which corresponds to 4 octaves. Each key is tied to the corresponding letter on the computer keyboard, and half-tones are controlled by keys with numbers and Shift button.

Among additional functions of the program it is necessary to note possibility to apply various effects (for example, echo or reverberation), to loop pieces of reproduction and mix with earlier recorded, to play with a metronome, to appoint chords on keys, to use a microphone and to publish in social networks the recorded compositions. In addition, Virtual Piano has a learning mode in which you can learn several works: the program will mark the keys that you need to press sequentially to get a melody.

- Selection of several instruments, including organ and percussion instruments;

- the ability to use different effects;

- the ability to record pieces of playback;

- built in by a metronome;

- the mode of teaching and learning melodies.

I absolutely love Virtual Piano. I have found that this is the best virtual piano I have found thus far. It really helps me learn the keys, as well as get familiar with the tones when I am not near a physical piano. I like that i am able to search for songs to play and select music sheets that will help me really take my piano lessons to another modern, digital level. I would urge anyone who is fascinated with pianos to download this software, whether it's for learning or you miss playing and don't readily have a piano available for use.
i am a music student , i really like this software mainly in windows, i have the same software in my mobile phone, i love this type of gem software in any gadget, in windows its really a best out of the software developed , the sound quality and sound mixing are the bliss in this software i really loved the software for this output and saving system , we can easily save our music in any type of format, i really liked the way it uses.
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