VisualRoute 2010

by Visualware Inc

A dedicated software solution providing details regarding the server location for a certain website

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Visualware Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VisualRoute is a convenient program for analyzing the Internet connection and detecting problems in each segment of its operation.

The main interface of the program is made in the form of customizable split windows. Each window provides specific information about the domain under study: a world map showing the location of each segment will help visually identify the problem location in the path of information, ip-address, owner's whois data, segmental response time, ping. Much more convenient than tracert or traceroute.

Tracing to any remote IP or Domain:Test connection of a computer with VisualRoute installed to any web server, IP address or network device. Instant reporting of the entire route and details for each segment where data loss is detected and waiting time is exceeded. Combining a variety of diagnostic tools presented in handy graphical items allows you to get results much faster than most of these programs.· IP location data: Physical and geographical location of servers and routers to get a complete picture of routing problems, view the actual traffic path.· ISP information: The ability to view the contact information of the ISP on each segment of the route of the Internet connection.· Whois VisualRoute fully supports the work with this protocol.

How much is the VisualRoute to download and who would benefit from using it? This product may make more sense to techies. If someone was looking for why their internet or computer is slow I don't understand why they would need IP addresses of others. When you do figure what IP addresses or locations are causing the problem where do you go from there?
Install the tool that will do the continuous tracing. VisualRoute 2010 for Windows implies that this software is 10 years old, but it provides a variety of network tools that deal with bottleneck issues and packet loss and latency. This is all technical stuff but if you are in tech like I am you will appreciate this baby. It just makes everything run smoothly. It offers diagnostic tools that provides instant analysis of internet connection performance, locate the source of the latency, and the ISP involved. Life is simpler with this network tool.