by cFos Software

Traffic shaping utility used to incoming and outgoing data streams.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: cFos Software

Release: cFosSpeed 10.26

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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the solid saftey net of knowing everything that goes in and out of your data stream.


  • This product is not a part of the Windows operating system, which means it's not a peripheral, however, this does not mean it is not made for the Windows operating system. The operating system will work in tandem with the cfo express .exe system. 
  • This product is not a part of the windows operating systems original program structure, which means once it's downloaded it can be turned on or off at the user's discretion. It can be left up to personal opinion and perception of whether you leave the program running continuously or not. 
  • This program is meant to monitor the data stream your computer produces while your surfing the web and downloading files through a network monitoring utility system that can explain to you when your computer has been compromised by unsafe or malicious content. 
  • The product is available for a multitude of products. It is made for servers, dial-up, routers, and DSL systems. Using a program that includes a firewall and data volume configuration to monitor incoming and outgoing data in order to test the legality of the download or file. 

In a world where the internet is full of fraud you must protect yourself from malicious content. Many files will specifically explain the benefits of their products as a lie or will market their virus as a copy of a legitimate and well-known program, and use this vulnerability to gain the trust of innocent people. This will always be used in order to extort information, steal identities, and take advantage of good people. This product will help people protect themselves. 

cFosSpeed 6.02 (3.83 MB)
cFosSpeed 6.60 (3.85 MB)
cFosSpeed 7.00 (4.39 MB)
cFosSpeed 8.00 (4.4 MB)
cFosSpeed 8.02 (4.43 MB)
cFosSpeed 9.02 (4.72 MB)
cFosSpeed 9.60 (4.95 MB)
cFosSpeed 9.62 (4.98 MB)
cFosSpeed 10.26 (4.8 MB)
Will Leung
This looks to be a modern looking local package reader. You can scan your local network and see available connections and IP addresses. The little widget looks really cool. This tool might be useful to keep an eye on any unwanted network connections going on with your network.
Brian Gollmer
These days, many internet service providers are imposing limits on bandwidth use. It is important for consumers to know what is happening over their internet connection. Cfos Speed visually identifies what each software application is utilizing in real time and provides graphical displays of internet bandwidth use per application.
This tool isn't a bad way to keep an eye on your web traffic and connections, but literally any other port scanner will do the job (and likely describe itself 1000x better than this piece of software). I'd save yourself the hassle of figuring this one out and just google something that is popular and useful.
cFospeed is a data monitoring software for your computer. It allows you to see the information going in and out as you are surfing the web and on the internet. It protects your computer from malicious software or malicious activity by alerting you when such activity is detected.
Charlie Taggart
This HTTP server is great because you can run it on your windows
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