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Navigate through specific wireless networks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: nirsoft

Release: WifiInfoView

Last revision: Last week

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WifiInfoView for Windows is a great tool for advanced users that want extensive information on wireless networks, it will show you all the information you possibly need and could use for a wireless network, it will show you all the specific information like the range of use, compatibility with certain computers and networks. WifiInfoView will show you the internet service provider for each wifi network as well, making it incredibly informative and thorough. It will dive deep into each wifi network and showcase all the possible information it can possibly give and has.

You can also export data utilizing WifiInfoView with just a click of a button, you can find information and then put it into a document if you need to do that. It can show you information like mac address, IP addresses, how strong the signal is and whenever there is a new network it will showcase that information as well. It also has the ability to determine the internet speed of the wifi network too.

You do not need to install WifiInfoView either, all you have to do is download and open it up, no install required, so you can use it on the go or if you're in a public place looking for credible information on the wifi network you might have to connect to see if its secure or not.

Easy to use wifi information.

  • free
  • no install required
  • a lot of data

The conclusion for WifiInfoView is that it supplies you with all the sufficient information needed for any given wifi network you might be connecting too, it has IP address, mac addresses and so much more, and it can allow you to secure yourself and you can export data from the program as well so you can note stuff.

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Wifi Info allows you to see advanced stats on your wifi network such as the frequency and how far it works and what devices it works with. It also allows you to export this data for data collection purposes to save
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