Easy WiFi Radar

Detect free wireless hotspots around you and connect to the strongest one

Operating system: Windows

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Last revision: Last week

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Easy WiFi Radar is a wireless networking software that will detect any and all public wireless hotspots around you. It will also show you which connections are the strongest with colored markers on a radar. Then it will automatically connect to the strongest, fastest one. Making your life easier, while saving some money in the process. 


  • Easy WiFi Radar will detect all free wireless connection around you, which could save you tons in a world where the number of free hotspots is growing.
  • It has an awesome, militaristic radar design.
  • Easy Wifi Radar will detect which wireless connection in your area is the strongest. So you can always access what you need.
  • Easy Wifi Radar automatically connects to the fastest, most reliable network. Even if you are on the go! Don't pay for Wifi anywhere!
  • It's incredibly easy to use!
  • Easy Wifi Radar is a completely free download!

Easy WiFi Radar is a wireless networking software for Windows XP published by Makayama Media in October 2007. In a society like today, so many places have public wifi, why keep paying for it or spend forever searching for one that might be slow? Easy WiFi Radar will detect all public connections around you. Saving you time, hassle, and possibly money!

You can find the strongest wireless connection around you.

Easy Wifi Radar detects which wireless signal is the strongest and most reliable. You won't end up being stuck to a slow connection. It does all this automatically. Meaning you always have the best connection around you and can access everything, all the time.

Easy Wifi Radar has a cool, sleek military-like design that looks like an actual radar! It is easy to use and runs without hassle. Just download and connect, it's that simple! The best thing is, it's free to download! You don't have to buy a router or some fancy piece of equipment. Always have the best, most reliable connection, completely free!

Windows XP

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