by NirSoft

Provides you with a quick and easy way to control your windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NirSoft

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Last revision: Last week

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Volumouse is a very convenient program to change the sound level using only your mouse wheel. Thanks to it, you no longer have to use the scale on the screen and guess the desired sound level by dragging it with the mouse, which is not always successful at first time. Now it's much easier to adjust the sound, you just need to turn the mouse wheel and the sound will increase or decrease, depending on which way you turn it. Thanks to the settings you will be able to define the parameters at which you will control the sound level yourself, it can be a combination of wheel rotation with holding a certain key or activation of this function when the mouse cursor is placed in the tray area. When you adjust the sound level, a scale appears on the screen that shows all the changes, and you can set the transparency level of this scale yourself. Volumouse supports plug-ins, is clear and easy to use.

The moment I found out about Volumouse for Windows I knew at that very moment I had to download it! I love the fact that you can control your own volume with your mouse! Just by rolling the wheel of my mouse, I can control the volume of my device! I'm always listening to music so for me this became a gamechanger! It made it so unbelievably easy to control the audio and it made my experience ten times better!
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