WIDI Recognition System Professional


Convertor that works through windows devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WIDISOFT

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Last revision: Last week

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WIDI Recognition System Professional is a powerful professional tool designed for musicians, arrangers, music teachers, owners of large music archives, etc.

The program is designed to recognize music using a computer and allows you to convert digital music recordings into MIDI commands (Wave to MIDI, mp3 to MIDI). For this purpose, it includes both manual editing tools and powerful automatic algorithms that greatly facilitate routine operations, allowing the musician to focus on the creativity. What used to take several hours, WIDI Recognition System will be able to do in semi-automatic mode in a few minutes.

The program works with mp3, wave, CD-tracks and many others, getting a note record that can be saved in MIDI format. In addition, WIDI Recognition System Professional can process sound directly from a microphone or line input without the need to record it in a file. It is possible to convert on the fly the sound of a non-MIDI instrument into MIDI commands, which can already be performed by any other instrument with the help of the MIDI synthesizer (for example, the sound of an acoustic guitar in this way can be converted into the sound of a piano, etc.).

Also knows how to recognize music that contains a lot of voices.

WIDI Recognition System Professional allows:

to get a musical audio recording for printing or playing;

Create new arrangements of previously recorded melodies, change the instruments used and highlight individual voices;

On-the-fly recognition by controlling the MIDI synthesizer with an ordinary musical instrument or voice;

to recognize tracks that contain drums;

Determine the tonality and disorder of any music recording or MIDI score;

Create your own MIDI melodies to be used as a call in a cell phone, etc.

- the latest recognition algorithms;

- real-time recognition module;

- Analysis of the tonality and arrangement of instruments;

- Built-in Recognition Wizard to familiarize you with the process;

- Batch recognition module for processing multiple files at a time;

- a translation manager that allows you to switch the interface language;

- unique TrueTone editor for correcting the recognition results;

- Keyboard editor (piano roll) with the ability to visually compare the spectrum of the original audio and recognized MIDI notes;

- Built-in notebook stand with the ability to immediately see the result in the form of a note;

- Many built-in features to make it easier to edit the recognition results and many more.

This is some sort of musical transcription software. I'm actually kind of uncertain exactly what this product does or how it works as I am not in the music industry nor do I understand how to make or produce music. SOrry for the confusion.
This website is very text heavy. This is good, but I would prefer to have more visuals. I like the organizational setup of the website. I like how it says "new in WIDI 4.5" on the right-hand side of the web page because this allows you to see if there are any updates, and it shows the web user that the program is constantly being working on. There is also a free trial download, which is helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the system but would like to try it out.
I tried out the WIDI system this week because I had a lot of MP3 sounds and also some old CD's that I wanted to change to MIDI. The system was easy to use for me and I'm not the greatest with learning new systems. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to get some great polyphonic sounds.
im a music producer and artist myself sop yes i can see the benefits of using this software product. it can be use in many different situations in music production. id rate this product maybe 7 out of 10 from the information giving on the site but yes i would definitly like to try this thing out nexting im making music
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