Audio Sliders

by Code Sector Inc.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Code Sector Inc.

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.92934

Audio Sliders is a sound tuning program that is 5 times smaller than the standard Windows sound tuning tool. The clear and user-friendly interface of the program allows you to easily adjust the volume, bass and other settings. You can adjust the total volume, sound, synthesizer, Front, Rear, Subwoofer, microphone, CD volume. Audio Sliders supports multiple soundcards and different settings for each one.

You can also get quick access to system information - the last tab displays information and CPU load, memory consumption, system time and much more.

- Hotkeys: you can specify special combinations of keys to control the program and sound settings directly from the keyboard. You can also control track playback using the most common audio players. Set key combinations for operations such as: activate/hide window, increase/decrease/deactivate volume, etc;

- Multiple sound card support: Audio Sliders supports two or more sound cards simultaneously. You can manage them on one tab. You can change the parameters of a particular sound card directly from the system tray;

- skins and interface language: you can choose one of several beautiful skins for the program interface. At the moment the interface is translated into 17 languages, including Russian. One adjustment slider has a size of 210x16 pixels;

- System information: in addition to audio control, Audio Sliders provides quick access to the system information you need, such as CPU loading, RAM use, etc.

George (unverified)
So this is the same as the audio tools already built into every computer, but it's smaller? What is the need for this? It doesn't provide me with anything that I don't already have. I would have no use for this ever.
Leo (unverified)
Audio Sliders appears to be a sound tuning program. This is for artificial bass and audio. Artificial sounds are not good and sound settings other than volume level should only be modified via a proper audio interface.
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