Happytime SRT Pusher
Happytime SRT Pusher is a free, open source library that enables easy streaming over the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol.
BlueZone is a secure terminal emulation software that provides secure access to remote systems, applications, and data.
Portable HFS - HTTP File Server
HFS is an easy-to-use web server that allows you to share files over the Internet quickly and securely.
MyServer is an easy-to-use web server software for Windows and Linux that makes it simple to manage web applications, databases, and websites.
Simple web-server
An web-server is a program that provides services to other computers over a network, allowing them to access web-pages.
Portable MobaXterm
MobaXterm is an all-in-one portable terminal for remote computing, providing X11 server, SSH client and other network tools in a single package.
Appweb is a high-performance, embeddable web server designed for embedded systems, applications, and IoT devices.
Open Server
This program is a must-have to create and troubleshoot sites on your local computer
Avast SecureLine VPN
A high-speed VPN client which ensures 100% privacy and security for your online activities
XAMPP for Windows (Portable)
A portable database, web and FTP server that is portable
Apache HTTP Server
Cross-platform web server management software, for Unix-like and Windows
Web development platform on windows servers
HTTP File Server
A server software designed to send and receive files along with encryption capabilities
Makes any internet program you are currently using support a socks proxy