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Open Server is a free and freely distributed program for web developers that includes a package of server software components. Open Server is needed to create and debug complete sites on the local computer. Simply put, with the help of this program it is possible to make analogue of Linux servers under Windows, and without problems to start sites, for example, written in PHP.

Open Server is very easy to use. You do not need to be able to configure Apache and Nginx servers or configure MySQL to run the program. The program does it automatically. Moreover, the Open Server is implemented as a portable application that does not require installation. The program can work with a flash drive, HDD and CD/DVD disc. In the latter case, the program will create a temporary directory with data on the disk or virtual device. It is possible to manage it through the console and create your own builds of the program.

If necessary, the program can work as a server in local or global networks. In the case of working as an Internet server you need a static IP address, as well as remember about possible threats and protection of your computer from malicious scripts.

Basic set of components:

Apache server;

DNS server Bind;

Nginx HTTP server;

MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL databases;

the Redis journaling data warehouse;

Memcached data caching system;

FTP server FileZilla;

an environment for executing PHP scripts in PHP 5.x;

the PostScript Ghostscript interpreter;

Sendmail e-mail service;

A large number of other auxiliary utilities such as HeidiSQL, Adminer, RockMongo PHPMyAdmin and others.

If necessary, additional Pear and Composer components can be installed.

The program is presented in three versions: Basic, Premium, Ultimate. The difference between them is the number of additional utilities to work with. In the basic version there is only the basic set for starting the server. The Premium version includes the main server programs and additional utilities Git, ImageMagick, MongoDB, Rockmongo, PostgreSQL and PhpPgAdmin. The Ultimate version includes a large number of additional freely distributed programs for working with graphics, various text and HTML editors, programs for working with the Internet, download managers, SCP clients and so on.

Open Server can work in a limited mode in a situation where there is no possibility to make changes to the HOSTS file when access rights are restricted or locked by a firewall. In this case, only one localhost address of will be available for the sites.

- very easy to operate;

- a large number of different versions of the basic modules;

- Three program options to choose from: Basic, Premium, Ultimate;

- The program is implemented as a portable application;

- Possibility to work in local networks and the Internet as a server;

- SSL support;

- to support the Cyrillic alphabet in the domain name;

- the possibility of setting up a DNS server;

- Domain indexes support;

- possibility to use scripts to start/stop the server;

- The ability to emulate different connection speeds to test site availability at different speeds;

- the ability to connect additional components;

- the ability to create your own assemblies.

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Open Server is a free and freely distributed program for web developers that includes a package of server software components
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I am a web developer and have been looking for an open server for Windows. I think I might have just found the one that does the trick. Open Server is what it's called and it's free. It's made for web developers and comes with a package of server software parts. It's what I'll be using to create and debug complete sites on my local system. It's similar to having a Linux server under Windows. It's so easy to use. No more configuration of Apache. It's done for me. And it does not require any installation. So cool.
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Alexander Lenh

Open Server software is a type of software that allows users to access and manage a server remotely. It typically provides access to a server's operating system and applications, and may also provide access to other services such as web hosting, FTP, or database management. It is designed to be easy to install and use, and can be used to create a secure and reliable network environment.
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Ben O*******c

I have been using Open Server software for several months now and overall I am quite satisfied. It is extremely user-friendly and the setup process is quite straightforward. The software is reliable and provides a great platform for managing web applications. It is also quite secure, with a robust firewall and virus protection. Additionally, the software provides great customer support, should you ever have any technical issues. The software can be managed easily and offers a good amount of flexibility. The user interface is intuitive and I have found it to be quite easy to use. It is overall a great choice for hosting websites and web applications.
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Jack J.

I found Open Server Software relatively easy to use and set up, but I had some isses with certain featurss not working properly.
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Liam M*****u

The software is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface. It is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. The documentation is comprehensive and helpful. The software's performance is reliable and stable. The community support is active and helpful. The software's features are versatile and customizable.
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Jamie P******m

The software provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing servers and hosting websites.
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