by Wickr Inc.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wickr Inc.

Last revision: Last week

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Wickr is a simple and convenient online messenger for secure anonymous communication. Suitable for people who need to keep their correspondence secret, or for those who want to feel like James Bond.

It can transmit encrypted messages, audio, video and any other files completely anonymously. Anonymity is achieved through several encryption cycles using SHA256 and AES256 algorithms. The messenger does not save the history of correspondence and does not transmit any information about the user and the system. The delivered messages are immediately deleted from the server. Moreover, sent messages have a configurable lifetime - the time after which they are automatically deleted from the recipient. Wickr uses’a’shredder’-an’unrecoverable algorithm to’delete a’message or file from memory, it fills the’s space with zeros, making it impossible to recover information at’a’low level.

Interesting fact: In January 2014, Wickr Inc. announced a $100,000 award to anyone who can find a vulnerability that could compromise the privacy or integrity of their Wickr users' data. And, of course, you can always delete your account at the touch of a button.

- is easy to use;

- to ensure complete anonymity;

- support for multiple encryption standards;

- leaves no traces, deleting messages on both the server and the client;

- There are versions of the program for most modern platforms (PC, Androin, iOS, Linux, etc.);

- "self-destruct" of the recipient's message after a specified time.

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