iZotope RX

by iZotope, Inc

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iZotope, Inc

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.43179

The iZotope RX is a music preparation system that consists of a set of very useful plugins. Without such plug-ins it is impossible to create audio, as well as release of final products. Thanks to this utility, you can really understand the difference between good processing and a professionally processed composition. The iZotope RX has eight modules, each with its own unique features.

One of the modules is called Maximizer. It is designed to increase the volume of the song. The peculiarity of the module is that when you increase the volume, various distortions and unnecessary noise are not added. Equalizer modules are called Equalizer and Post Equalizer. They allow you to fine-tune the sound to achieve the desired mood of the song. Other modules will help you add lamp and retro effects. Thanks to the reverberation module, it is also possible to increase the depth of the composition, making it more voluminous. These and other modules can be found in the iZotope RX app for excellent results.

- eight important modules;

- each module has its own unique properties;

- a simple and pleasant interface;

- optimized for the latest processor models;

- is compatible with various third-party software.

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