Wise JetSearch

by Wise Cleaner

A helpful tool to find things on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wise Cleaner

Release: Wise JetSearch

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A quick Google search reveals to me that Wise JetSearch is an alternative tool to use instead of the Windows provided search tool to find things on your computers, such as files and folders. According to the CNET page, it is faster than the Windows search tool, supports both NTFS and FAT drives, and is a lot more reliable. It will not take up much space on your computer either, only being 2.19MB in size. It will not slow your personal computer down when not in use. It also boasts a high star rating, mostly positive reviews from other users, and is completely free of any charge. It is honestly worth a try and sounds legit. When using Wise JetSearch, there will be a drop-down menu to help you find your files and folders and to search on what drivers you have. There is also the use of "Wild Cards," which are used for if you can not recall the name of your file or folder. A very simple, easy to use the tool, that anyone should be able to use, no matter how computer illiterate a user just might be. From the simplicity of the tool to the meager file size, this freeware alternative search tool seems to be a great product.

Finding lost files, programs or images.

  • Very easy to use
  • It has a straightforward interface
  • It is completely free to use
  • Finds your missing files and folders with much ease
  • The searches are very quick!

Wise JetSearch is available on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Wise JetSearch is unfortunately not available for Mac or Linux. It is available in multiple languages, English, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, and Italian. 

Wise JetSearch for Windows is a search tool that can search for files and folders in a several of locations. This program is easy to search as well as any age will be able to use it. There are many languages supported and it is free to download. In addition, there is no history button to discover previous searches. Further, the search is very fast.
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