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WizNote is a program that allows you to save notes, keep a personal journal and create contact lists. The organizer allows you not only to store the necessary data, but also synchronizes it between your devices (desktop and portable). Synchronization occurs immediately after logging into your WizNote account on your new device. If you wish, you can disable synchronization or configure its parameters in the corresponding section of the window with settings.

The organizer will be a great helper in the teamwork on the project. It allows you to share your records with other people and integrates with the Outlook mail client. You can manage the content of the organizer from your online account, and you can share information with other users when using the web version and the client in just a few clicks. Just remember to add the people you work with to your contact list. Contacts in the list, as well as notes in the database, can be sorted by folders and subfolders.

The program is perfect for those who have to store large amounts of notes in electronic form. It allows you to add tags to your records for a comfortable search through the database. Especially important notes can be "pinned" to the desktop. Moreover, the user is offered a lot of parameters to adjust the appearance of "sticky" notes. Download and use all WizNote features for free.

- allows you to create notes and keep a personal log;

- can synchronize data between desktop and portable devices;

- provides a quick search through the database, thanks to the support of tags;

- allows you to manage the contents of the database from the web version;

- can create "sticky" notes and fix them on the desktop.

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I love using WizNote for Windows because it's an easy way to stay on top of notes and memos that I need to keep for myself, as well as manage the other tasks that I have on my calendar. I love that it provides a full library of note templates that I can use to suit my purposes, whether I'm writing a business memo or just a journal entry for myself.
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Kyle Ganow

WizNote is a free, open-source note taking application that allows users to store, organize and access their notes in an efficient and secure way. It offers a range of features, such as support for multiple note formats, tagging, full-text search, synchronization across multiple devices, and more. It also offers cloud storage support, allowing users to store and access their notes from anywhere with an internet connection.
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Cooper N********u

I've been using WizNote for a few months now and I'm really enjoying it. It's super easy to use and I love how it allows me to easily access my notes from any device. I also appreciate how WizNote syncs with my calendar so I can easily access my upcoming tasks. It's great for organizing my notes and tasks, and the search function makes it easy to find things. The UI is also really nice and simple, which is great for taking notes quickly. I also like how I can share and collaborate on notes with my colleagues. Overall, I'm very impressed with WizNote!
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Alexander D*******i

I have been using WizNote for the past few months and it has been a great help for managing my notes and tasks. The software is easy to use and intuitive. It also allows me to easily sync notes and tasks between my laptop and mobile devices. Its cloud sync also ensures that I can access my notes from anywhere. The search feature is also useful for quickly finding specific notes.
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Jayden M*********l

This software is a note-taking application that allows users to organize and store their notes, documents, and other files in a digital format. It offers a variety of features such as cloud syncing, collaboration tools, tagging, and custom themes. The software also supports multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Users can easily search for specific notes and access them quickly from any device. Additionally, the software offers a secure and encrypted environment to protect user information.
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Lewis N*****f

WizNote software is a comprehensive note-taking platform that offers various features for organizing, sharing, and collaborating on notes.
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