Word Sound Rhymer

by Aaron Wacker

Identify what rhymes and the specified word in the rhymes.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aaron Wacker

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Word sound rhymer is a specialized third party application that was used to identify rhymes and the specific word in that rhymes, that was used to make creative process for writers and who interested in rhymes. which is mostly used for singers to perform without inconvenience to understand each word in the rhymes and how much long it was that was not a problem.

It is a freeware so everyone can use this software; then it contains a rhyming dictionary, a linguistics application that allows writers, and singers to find words in the rhyme; you're not required to perform any kind of additional configuration steps, and the main window consists of a few panes where information is displayed, a field you can type word or line , and there is a couple of buttons which trigger the process. And this application doesn't require to install on the targeted system it can used on portable drives, we can launch from there itseld and just grant access to entire functions, so it won't create additional files, folders and registry entries on the systems, so it can also be launched from removable storage media such as usb flash drives or external harddisks.

It is a Light weighted application so that can help to do identify rhymes based on a given word or line, while also providing you with additional information, such as syllable rhythm or a sound within your word. it doesn't require installation and provides you with a bunch of configuration possibilities. This application offers few chances to customize the results it generates ny ticking or unticking of checkboxes, then after processing the rhyme matches and syllables are displayed in the main panel and it contains filter to perform a particular search with simple effects.

Portable rhyme maker with multi Operating system support.

  • Identify what rhymes and specific words
  • adjust basic parameters
  • Supports multiple operating systems
  • Lightweight application
  • freeware
  • It was a Portable application we can used in from portable drives like pendrive and external Harddisk
  • Operatiog systems : Windows (7, Server 2008, Vista, 8, 10)
  • Requires .NET Framework version 3.5 or higher tested to be backwards compatible from vista through windows 10
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