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How long have you wanted to create your own personal website or blog? Want to share your news and thoughts with others? Or maybe you'd like to make a living out of it? However, the question arises as to which engine to use. But in fact, it's simple - the Wordpress CMS is a great solution to this problem. The engine itself is very popular, both among novice web developers and among professionals who have already created more than a dozen of their sites. First of all, such popularity is caused by the fact that the engine has very flexible settings. Absolutely everyone can customize it and create a blog that is unlike any other. The fact is that although the application is small in size, it is very effective and has a wide range of settings, functions and options. And how many possibilities open before you, using this engine! With very flexible settings, you can create a blog calendar or photo gallery, for example. You can also create a powerful news portal with automatic posting. In addition, statistics shows that even large sites, with a huge number of visitors, under the control of Wordpress CMS never fell! That's impressive.

If you are a beginner and want to try yourself as a web developer, this engine is necessary. The appendix contains a special section that contains all the detailed and detailed information about the site building. In addition, you are offered training by creating a very simple blog. To create your own resource, you are provided with templates, the number of which is more than 200. Because you can always find what you like. In addition, additional plug-ins can be installed. The distinctive feature of the engine is that it is distributed absolutely free of charge. Everyone can download it from the official site to try their hand at it. There's no need to pay for it!

- a unique engine designed to create blogs and websites;

- is distributed absolutely free of charge, everyone can download it from the official website;

- a huge number of templates to create your own resource;

- Possibility to install additional plug-ins;

- sites that work on this engine, withstand a huge number of visitors every day;

- for newcomers, there's a built-in training mode;

- There is a section with the most detailed and detailed information about site building;

- has rich functionality;

- is in demand among real professionals;

- It is possible to create both simple blogs to publish your own posts and entire news portals.

WordPress 4.4.1 (7.37 MB)
WordPress 4.5.3 (8.03 MB)
WordPress 4.6.1 (8.25 MB)
WordPress 4.7.2 (8.31 MB)
WordPress 4.7.3 (8.32 MB)
WordPress 4.7.5 (8.35 MB)
WordPress 4.8.3 (8.5 MB)
WordPress 4.9.7 (9.06 MB)
WordPress 5.2.3 (11.56 MB)
I should have known this software earlier, I have to say. It is so helpful to my work and daily life! As a is a content management system, Wordpress does a perfect job to assist me host and build my own websites, and the biggest benefit is that I could tailor my websites saving a lot of effort! Now Wordpress has became a motivation for me to update my daily blog, recording my unique life. I highly recommend you to have a try.
WordPress for Windows is usually a software that has been created for use by developers who run Windows computers. It includes several useful features and applications for developers who are looking to create and build websites. It features, plug-in templates to help developers customize their websites to fit their business preferences.
I love using WordPress for Windows because it makes it a cinch to create professional-looking websites even when you lack programming or coding experience. The sites that you create in WordPress are so easy to update and maintain, and there is a wide variety of plug-ins and templates that WordPress offers so you can be sure that your site looks sophisticated.
Wordpress is one of the full stack development platform , this software helps to make custom website in easy way. user interface very understandable, free to download lots of free templates available in this software for making good websites. very fastest and flexible software, so please download and enjoy it.
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