by WTFast

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WTFast

Last revision: Last week

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WTFast - a program that allows you to increase the speed of connection when playing online. In essence, it is a private gaming network (GPN, Gamers Private Network), developed for the needs of MMO-gamers.

Installation on a WTFast GPN client computer guarantees optimal data transfer rates between the user's computer and the online game server. To do this, the program directs game traffic through its nodes, thus optimizing the routes of data packets movement. In addition, the utility allows you to significantly reduce the inevitable loss of packets during packet transmission between the computer and the game server.

When installing the program you should know exactly what game it is designed for, as the program does not support all popular online games. The full list of supported games can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.

WTFast lets you forget about brakes, hang-ups, discounts and loss of connection to the game server at the most inopportune moment. Unlike unreliable free ping reduction programs, WTFast is a paid service with monthly payments. There's also a demo version with a 30-day trial.

- improves the quality of the connection to the game;

- Increases the user's gameplay speed;

- is responsible for getting the fastest possible response from the game server (reduces ping by 60-80%);

- reduces or eliminates the number of lags and errors in the game;

- reduces the risk of discounting;

- doesn't support all online games.

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