XNA Framework

by Microsoft

Set of tools managed by microsoft processors

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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XNA Framework - a set of software tools from Microsoft with an integrated executable environment .NET, designed to develop, manage and run video games written using XNA technology for Windows and XBox platforms. The application can be useful for video game developers as well as for ordinary users running similar game programs on their computers.

XNA Framework allows you to significantly accelerate the process of developing computer games by combining different aspects of creating a game project in a single system. The application also helps to avoid many technical difficulties in programming, for example, to avoid repetitive template code and gives the opportunity to create games with high-quality graphics and serious functionality.

All components of the XNA Framework are conditionally divided into four abstraction levels. The lowest level is the Platform, which contains various platform-dependent APIs like DirectX, Direct3D, XACT, XContent and other components. The second level of the Core Framework is platform-independent and is responsible for basic functionality: sound and graphics, I/O, mathematical calculations and more. The third level of the Extended Framework is a package of high-level classes. It's kind of a universal game engine. It provides the solution of typical tasks: export of textures and models from graphic editors, initialization of graphic devices and so on. In the form of the fourth level is the game application itself, which is created by the developer. In addition, XNA includes some simple video games called Starter Kits, which can be used as templates for developing your own applications.

This software product is excellent for graduates that are pursuing a career in video game design. It combines both worlds from PC design to Console such as the xbox which will tremendously help with the cross platform games that will be released in the future.
XNA framework is an update that helps gamers improve their files that help improve gaming quality, display, frame rate and other aspects of gaming. It helps minimize and get rid of older versions and bugs and by doing so can help maintain and produce a better gaming experience or other media experience.
Microsoft is offering a resourceful tool. It allows you to create new and existing applications for the Windows Phone 7. It contains vital technologies like Game Studio and Silverlight for Windows phone. I strongly believe that it is beneficial for everyone as one platform will suffice all your requirement and also save times and money (as it free).
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