XWindows Dock

A replacement for the windows task-bar to make it similar to the MAC OS dock

Operating system: Windows

Release: XWindows Dock 2.03

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you're familiar with MAC's OS and looking to make the switch to Window's, this is the tool for you. Xwindows Dock helps by removing the window's taskbar and replacing it with a more "MAC friendly" version, similar to the Dock on MAC's OS.  When installed, it gives you quick access to the most frequently used apps. The program starts with the apps "My Computer" and "Recycle Bin," but you can quickly personalize it by adding the apps you most commonly use by simply dropping and dragging them into position. You can also move the location of the dock and adjust the size so that you can customize your window's experience. 

Another great feature, "Container," allows you to place folders into the dock. After placing a folder into the dock, you can click on it and access an intelligible fanned view of all items in that folder. This can allow users to find what they are looking for faster, all while creating a unique and clean user interface. 


This is helpful to those who are comfortable with the MAC OS as opposed to Window's OS, helping them to make the transition.
  • Excellent clean of the Apple product
  • The container allows for an easy to see the interface
  • The graphic has a great effect

While XWindows Dock doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some other programs contain, it's a great way for MAC OS users to be slowly integrated into windows. XWindow's Dock can not only help ease people into the Window's OS but allows for enough customization and freedom for users to make it their own. For anyone looking to ditch the overpriced Apple products, but feel like jumping right into windows might be a challenge, this is the way to go. XWindows Dock enables their user to get their feet wet with windows, but have a fear of jumping in head first. By easing into it, most will be able to transition easily from Windows OS to MAC OS, and XWindows Dock with help with that conversion.

Making that change from Mac to Windows is not great but with XWindows Dock you can have that same Mac experience but on windows! It also allows you to modify icons to how you want them and to really give that same feel so you don't have to deal with so much change.
The description is very repetitive. For example, when it talks about the keyboard being free it goes into further detail to describe free. If you want people to continue reading the description, you would want it to be more concise. I do like the concept of the item just needs a better description.
Kyle Carlos
Want to make your PC look like a Mac? Easy as pie and simple installation as well as implementation. This makes your Dock on Windows look like a Mac! makes everything look so much better and I don't think I'll ever switch back to the normal boring Windows Dock.
Have you ever wanted your windows to look like your mac? Well, now you can make that happen. Just download and install XWindows Dock for Windows. It basically is a clone of a Mac OS X Leopard for Windows. Best of all it is free of charge. You can get the slickness of the Mac OS X dock without paying Apple anything. This is all because of the Creative Commons license. So it's totally legit. I don't miss my Mac so much anymore.
XWindows Dock for Windows provides a fantastic means of expanding the existing Windows user interface. Taking its cue from the Mac dock, XWindows Dock makes all of your most frequently used programs instantly accessible in a clean, user-friendly format. Using drag-and-drop, you can easily change the contents of the dock depending on your preferences. Even better, using this dock results in no performance issues or glitches, unlike many other Windows adaptations of Mac features. This is a great option for those Windows users looking to incorporate some Mac aesthetics and functionality into their existing platforms.
XWindows Dock was clone to be similar to the dock in Mac OS X Leopard but only for Windows. XWindows is currently freely available under Creative Commons license and should be downloadable if your someone have a compatible device. XWindows offers feature such as 2d/3d full skin custom design and also custom sounds. XWindows also auto updates so that anyone with this product would always stay up to date with the latest version.
It gives a mac like feel in a windows PC. It has the best clone of apple system. It has the best graphic effects. It will be more better if it got more customization and optimization.
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