by YoloMouse

Replace the cursor within any game with a different cursor of your choosing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: YoloMouse

Release: YoloMouse 0.9.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating4.9904

YoloMouse software allows you to customize the game cursor on any game. This software is for anyone who would like to personalize their gaming experience with a different cursor than the default one provided in the game. 


  • Works within any personal computer game to replace the cursor
  • Four cursor options to choose from
  • Size of the customized cursor is adjustable
  • Will not impact the game file itself 
  • Easy instructions to download and use 

YoloMouse will make gaming more fun and personalized for anyone. It is easy software to both download and uses every time you play a game. 

The software is good because it makes playing games more fun and personalized.

Users must have a Windows operation system, either 32 bit or 64 bit. The website also offers a download link for older versions of Windows. Additional, the creators have provided the source code on the website for any coders that are interested in manipulating YoloMouse. YoloMouse software is free to download, but if you like YoloMouse software and want to support the developers, there is an option to donate on the website. 

YoloMouse is a creative cursor for gaming buffs. The software allows a gamer to pick the size, shape, and color of the cursor, and sub it into any PC-based game. The program uses a Window's operating system, and can help gamers working on older systems. The software is free and developers are allowing some open-source use; they have included a donate button if gamers want to sent a little scratch back to the developers. Good system!
the yolo mouse for windows is such a creative idea. I think it will help people use the computer better because the mouse is more relaxed style instead of using a traditional mouse. the best thing about the yolo mouse seems to be that its versatile. the website does a great job of informing users what the mouse is for. also, it gives a good idea for what the mouse can help you do such as used for gaming. I think if I see this mouse I will purchase is because it can help me feel more comfortable while using the computer. that is an important thing to consider when using the computer. I think the website could include more graphics to show users more examples of what to expect as well as maybe send a sample mouse before purchasing products.
YoloMouse makes it so much easier to play my favorite games. It's a software that helps a gamer customize the cursor on different games. It's perfect for me because I like to personalize my games and generally don't love the defaults since they can be clunky. The YoloMouse is compatible with any personal gaming computer, and you can choose from four different options to personalize your cursor. You can even adjust the size of your cursor, without changing the actual game file. It's super easy to download and very intuitive to use.
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