by PeerStream

A one stop portal for all of your chat apps or logins.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PeerStream

Release: Paltalk

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91014

This download works with messaging apps like Yahoo and ICQ Messengers. The cyberspace allows you to connect all of your contacts and start group messages. It also allows you to meet new people through the video-enabled cyberspace like a chat room. 


  • Free download
  • Whisper mode (Keeps your selected messages private)
  • The high-resolution video for all 
  • Video chat with 10 people at once

This product was developed by A.v.m. software. Paltalk was founded in 1998.  This can be considered a social video chat group service. This standard download is free and safe and can be removed at any time. This download is a good alternative for people who don't want to use memory on their phone for multiple chat apps, message apps, or video apps. All of your contacts can be stored in one place from multiple sources. You can even meet people in this free service. Anyone can connect with you as long as they have a browser. You can start group chats for up to ten people at once. For Apple users trying to communicate via video chat with android users, this application solves the problem of having to download another app to do just that. This application serves multiple functions. It even has video overlays which allow you to decorate your video screen. This product also has a feature that allows you to see who has viewed your profile. Every participant who has a username has the ability to run their own chat room for free. There are other options for a fee to upgrade your chat rooms. There are multiple options for different types of upgrades including, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Elite. This product does offer upgraded memberships. Some competitors for this product would be Skype, Google Talk, and Yahoo Messenger. The software is developed for Mac, Windows, Android, Ios, and anyone who has a browser. 

You don't have to remember all of your passwords and logins. You can access them all in one place.

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