Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack

Convert multimedia files between any formats

Operating system: Windows

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4781

Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack is a super powerful multimedia conversion tool comprising of several different programs that will all work together in order to create a perfect copy of a DVD.

If you would like to view the video file on your computer you can simply rip the DVD and convert it into a format that is most convenient for your viewing. Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack supports a large number of video formats. So it can automatically rip your DVD into your favorite format without you having to interact with it.

If you'd like to watch the video on the go Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack supports formatting for a number of portable devices. Selecting one of these will create a video file in the best possible quality for your chosen device.

Another option in Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack allows you to simply rip the audio. This could be great if you have a DVD of a concert or other musical performance where you just want to be able to listen to it and not worry about viewing it.

All of the ripping and conversion processes are done with state of the art programs at top speeds so you'll never get too tired waiting for the process to complete.

Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack also allows you to copy a full DVD. This is useful if you want a backup of your DVD to make sure that the original disc doesn't get damaged.

If you're a content creator Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack can help you make a DVD that you would be able to burn and sell copies of. This is a very useful way of getting your materials available to the public in a fun manner.

Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack requires Windows 7 or later to run. The trial version is free with the full version costing just $49.95. This is a great price for all of the function and utility you will get out of this program!

Aimersoft DVD Studio Pack is an incredibly powerful multimedia conversion tool.

Will Leung (unverified)
This is a dead simple tool to use. You can easily rip and DVD. There are a ton of exportable functions for multiple devices. This program also copies or rip the DVDs at top speeds. There is also a trial version. I think this is the best bang for the money.
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