Guitar Rig

by Native Instruments

Get all your special effects sound for your guitar

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Native Instruments

Release: Guitar Rig 4.0.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Guitar Rig software has been out since 2004, but the company just keeps improving on a great product and actually listens to the steady stream of feedback it receives. This product allows real-time processing for electric guitar and bass instruments when it comes to amplifying and modulating sound effects. This latest version 3 has taken into account what people have been asking for and addressing minor setbacks in earlier versions. Everything is now new and improved and keeping with the times as music keeps evolving. 


  • Provides custom abilities to change the sounds of amps, foot pedals for effects, and also rack hardware instruments. 
  • Operated by a foot pedal to keep your hands free that connects by a handy USB port and MIDI functions.
  • Can be used in live stage performaces or indoor studio spaces and anything inebwteen.  Can also be used in standalone environments or with others.
  • Contains a graphic user interface so you can really see what you're doing and make it easier for you to use the product no matter what you're doing.

In conclusion, you can't go without this guitar software whether you're a small time garage band, doing gigs in bars or local shows, or even a big time studio musician. The programs and capabilities offered in this updated version of the Guitar Rig software are invaluable t the music creating experience. Not only does it tweak the normal sounds you're abke to make and tune them into yor wn eprsona preferences, but it allows you to mix and match and really create your own unique sound and set you apart from the pack. You can't not give this software a try for curiosity sake alone. I mean, they've been out since 2004 and show no sign of going away anytime soon. They're a brand you can trust.

It allows a multitude of combinations to get just the sound you're looking for in your song.
Will Leung
The latest version of Guitar Rig looks amazing! They have been around for a long time. There are a ton of effects and you can do real-time signal processing. The user interface is a joy to use and it looks beautiful. This is a must-have for any guitarist.
The Guitar Rig will allow you to process electric guitar and bass instruments when it is referencing and amplifying the sound effects. You have the ability to customize the sound of amps, the foot pedal and even the rack hardware instruments. This is operated by a foot pedal which allows your hands to be free and it connects to a USB port for convenience.
This product is overall great. It has several cool features and allows you to change several sound affects. This software is great for bands and other musicians. The product gets better as time goes by. I would really suggest this product.
Being a struggling musician, I haven't had enough money to really fit my home studio with all the expensive equipment that I have needed. Guitar Rig fills in the blanks nicely. I have been able to add various effects to my recordings with definite ease. The software is very user friendly even for somebody with average skills such as myself, and the results have been quite impressive. I enjoy using this for straightforward as well as more experimental work. It's a good investment that I will use on a daily basis!
Harris Ingraham
GUITAR RIG 5 PRO is a conclusive programming answer for perfect custom tone with more amps, a bigger number of effects and more inventive potential than some other time in ongoing memory, all in a weighty and common virtual effects rack. The latest structure fuses two fundamental new high-gain amps, six astounding new effects, and 19 new organizers &mdash, radiantly showed in stunning sonic detail. Every single amp has its own planned department. This mixed amp/speaker course of action is definitely not hard to use yet super-versatile, outfitting you with excellent sounds in a second or two. In addition, the Control Room Pro gives you extensively more other options, with a total of 27 amazing agency models to investigate.
This product is neat and efficient but the price is just crazy!! I don't think the product is worth the price so i would recommend a different product with a better price. Other than that the product seems great to me.
Guitar Rig is a very useful bit of software when looking to create the perfect sounding guitar in your music production. It has lots of different effects that allow you to shape the sound to exactly how you want it. With filtering and tuning you can play around with the levels and features all day until the sound is perfect. Using a feature called Tape Decks it's easy to save ideas too for future use.
A stunning software,Guitar Rig allows the user to shape his or her tone to perfection.It comprises a studio complete of cabs,amps,creative tools and mics.It is advantageous as it has a premium sound quality,complete control for guitar bass and maximum flexibility.It has 54 outstanding,well programmed stompboxes and effects from well known footpedals to complex music studio tools.It also offers great tools for the user to do filtering and this can either be from an impressive range of filter based effects,wah-wahs to EQs. One can also use the split module capability to to create parallel effects chains.It has a file size of 376.91 MB and is recommended for use with windows 10,8,7,Vista and XP.
Guitar Rig is a Windows software that gives users the unique opportunity to "create" their own studio in a way that reflect their styles. With Guitar Rig you have the rear opportunity to perfect your tone with different creative tools embedded within the Guitar Rig system. The sound quality is top-notch. The effects are wonderful and creatively natural. With Guitar Rig, you become a boss.
this software "guitar rig for windows" is used for sound effects.based on the usage of the software the end results that can achieved with ones creativity is limitless. the ui is smooth and fluid. it has many presets, equalizers, splitters to mix and match the tune according to ones personal taste . it has synchronized rack modules to tune the sound output .it contains all the essential tools to serve as an perfect sound modulation software
This looks great since I play the guitar. I love the number of effects and the ability to make chains. Amplification and the control room pro allows for great mixing.
Guitar Rig for Windows is a program that makes it easy to experiment with different audio tracks as they relate to the guitar. The modifications to the audio are always professional sounding and their realism is just so impressive. I appreciate how fast it is to download the program as the setup really could not be any simpler to accomplish.
Guitar Rig for Windows is one of the best free software programs available for musicians. Rich with features and an easy learning curve. 5 stars.
This is a great product for musicians and music producers. It has a large variety of options to customize the sound you are looking to create. While I'm sure there is a learning curve the descriptive pictures and programs are easy to navigate and find. Fender endorsed product sets it aside from all other programs out there.
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