A wireless LAN encryption tool used to crack WEP networks on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Release: AirSnort 0.2.7e

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AirSnort for Windows is an encryption wireless LAN tool used to crack encryption codes in WEP Wifi. It gathers information from 802.11b information from WEP networks. This is done passively by the software where it gathers packets going in and out of the system. of this gathering for packets, it requires around 5 to 10 million. When enough packets have been obtained the encryption has gathered enough information to guess the password. This software does not, however, crack WPA wireless. The amount of time that it will be able to crack and guess a password is under a second. This can be done at any area if the wireless connection is of WEP origin. There are specific cards that are required, however. You will also need to have specific and updated software for AirSnort to work. The system run with aero peek, Winrar, GTK, Glib, Pango, and ATk. Each of this software is essential in having Airsnort work properly and crack wireless passwords in under a second. Managing devices is important to ensuring that that encryptions can't be traced and do no harm to your computer.  


  • The product runs under Windows or Linux
  • Updates have discontinued but are still available for free
  • Can work with other software
  • Will be able to guess a password in under a second

This product is free to download online. It requires specific installation instructions and drivers for it to perform properly. The password guessing occurs in under a second but only through WEP wireless systems. This run on a general system for most cracking software of 802.11b. The system can run on Windows and Linux but each requires specific and up to date software. This is easily performed in an area with a WEP wifi and password that needs to be cracked. This free downloaded product can be useful in solving certain wireless internet passwords. 

Free updated download
AirSnort is one of the best wireless LAN tool and you can easily crack encryptions on WIFI. the drawback of this software is that it does not have any new updates anymore but this software is still free. it is easy to use and can generate password for WIFI in really less time. It only cracks codes for WEP not WPA. the best part is it works with other software as well.
This product claims to be free to download online, which is of course something that caught my attention first. Also, this product is able to guess a password in under a second, and work across multiple other software which is a plus. I can imagine this being a software program that with gain in popularity, especially since it runs on Windows and Linus, which are both big names in the tech space. So since those big names brands are mentioned, I feel like this product can be trusted for the most part.
AirSnort for Windows is a wireless LAN network tool. This program works by passively monitoring all network transmission until it has gathered enough packets. It can crack encryption codes and help you get back lost encryption keys. This software is free for Windows.
AirSnort for windows is a wireless lan tool .It is used to crack the encryption code .It also monitors the transmission .It is designed to work both in linux and unix. It is easy and safe to use this software program. It is free to download the application and it is designed specially for windows program.
Airsnort for windows is a wireless lan encryption. It is key detection tool for windows. It is free to download the windows program. It is also easy and safe to use the program. It also monitors the transmission .It is a wireless network tool .It is used to break the encryption code in wifi. It is one of the best software .
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