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Gaming with lag is a huge problem for gamers across the world! This software promises to combat this issue by helping gamers reduce lag for better overall gaming performance. It helps you experience gameplay with your favorite games with much fewer disadvantages. It is different than other software because it offers up to an 80% improvement. It works by offering you a direct connection instead of having to use intermediaries. It automatically finds the best route between you and the servers of your favorite games. More than 500 games are supported. It supports all of the most played games and if you think of one that is not currently supported, you can contact support so they can add it for you! For example, it supports League of Legends, Battlefield 3, Ghost in the Shell, Batman, Combat Arms, Star Wars, World of tanks, Crossfire, Starbound, Left 4 Dead, Garry's Mod, and World of Naruto! It has more than 400 dedicated servers which are incredible. It promises a reduction of up to 80% latency. They offer advanced technical support 24 hours a day including great chat support. It offers Smart Optimization. It works great with Windows 7 and is best with Windows 10. You need to have at least 512 MB RAM to run NoPing. They offer a wide variety of plans from weekly, monthly, annually, quarterly, and semiannually. Prices are very affordable and discounts are available. 


  • Supports all the most popular games in the world. 
  • 132ms 
  • Function tibia SmartExit
  • It ensures you always get the lowest ping rate.
  • It helps keeps you connected to the internet!

In order to have a great gaming experience, you need the least interruptions possibly! Luckily, NoPing makes that a possibility. 

Promises improvement of lag up to 80%.

OS: Windows 7 or latest

Memory: 512 MB Ram

Storage: 60mb

Internet 500 Kb/s

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If you're an experienced gamer then you likely know that when gamers are all congregating to play a popular game, then high ping amounts may result. NoPing is the clear and obvious answer to this problem, since it cuts back on the connectivity issues that lead to high ping and thus allows you to get back to your games without any delays or lags.
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Isaac L********m

NoPing is a gaming optimization software that helps reduce lag and improve connection stability while playing online games. It works by routing your connection through its own servers, which can help reduce ping and latency, as well as minimize packet loss and jitter during your gaming sessions.
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Logan Mchann

NoPing is a great software for gamers. It has good connection speeds and is easy to use. I experienced minimal latency and no lag during my gaming sessions. The customer support is also very helpful and quick to respond. I also appreciate the low price for the service. The only downside is that the software doesn't always work in all regions. Overall, I'm satisfied with my experience with NoPing.
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Alex Gini

NoPing is a great software for lowering ping and improving gaming performance. I found it easy to use and navigate and it helped me to reduce my ping significantly. It also works well with most major gaming platforms. I experienced no issues while using the software and it was able to keep my ping low during all of my gaming sessions. It also has a great customer service team who are very helpful and respond quickly to any queries. Overall, I was very satisfied with the performance of NoPing.
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