Altium Designer

by Altium

A printed circuit board (PCB) development and design software

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Publisher: Altium

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Altium Designer lets PCB (printed circuit board) designers easily select electronic components from distributors, design their boards in a 3-D, interactive environment, simulate and debug the design, and publish the design, its specs, and component data to the cloud.


  • Schematic capture
  • 3-D PCB design
  • Interactive 3-D  board editing
  • MCAD export to STEP
  • Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) development
  • Project release and data management
  • Electronic component distributors database integration
  • Cloud publishing of design
  • Simulation and debugging (VHDL language)

Designing complex PCB boards for printing and manufacturing is a lot easier with Altium Designer. Altium gives you complete control over all four areas of a PCB project: schematic development, PCB design and development, Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) development and documentation, and management of PCB release and data information.

Altium simplifies all steps in the development process, from designing and capturing the simple, 2-D schematic diagrams that are the start of all projects, to the development and designing of the PCB board based on those schematics. But even the best-designed boards are useless to the end-user if they don’t have up-to-date specifications and instructions to program an FPGA (field-programmable gate arrays) components included on the board: with Altium, board users can easily access any information about the PCB from the cloud, which you can easily maintain and manage with the latest release date and specifications.

Altium Designer's integrated 3-D visualization allows you to check PCB component clearances so there are no surprises during manufacture.

Altium Designer is not the cheapest PCB design software (it may even be the most expensive), but it is lauded for its ability to make designing complex PCBs fast and as easy as possible. Altium is also the most popular PCB design package among large PCB design companies, and it’s the one most new freelance engineers are most familiar with.

Altium Designer integrates with several component distributors data bases making electronic component selection easy and up-to-date.
Elle Jay
This is a helpful program for designing PCB (printed circuit board) components. It helps you simplify the design process, as well as providing software that shows a 3D model of the board, so you can design ever better! This seems like it would be a very useful app for people who work with PCB boards.
This software is very useful for people who are in electrical or electronics engineering field as it gives idea about PCB design and very useful for project purposes and in project one can design a PCB by using this software without wasting time to draw it done on paper and in software we can design whole PCB and its green wire traces.
The best PCB design software and high-powered tools for PCB designers. Industry-leading schematic capture, layout and prototyping tools. EDA / CAD.
Altium designer helps us to design the PCB that means printed circuit boards on our CAD it has many features this application is best among others to design the PCB and, it is free also easy to use if we have design knowledge.
The best choice for electronic design automation software and printed circuit board designing, to my way of thinking, is Altium Designer, which was recommended to me by an industry exec. It’s a bit more expensive than other similar software, but the added features and the ability to design complex circuits with ease and without hassles is important to me. It will perform well for you too, I’m sure.
Enjoyed using it. Definitely the best PCB layout and design software i've encountered. I've used it to design a number of circuit boards and i've not encountered any serious issues so far. I've definitely been impressed by quite how powerful it is. It was also pretty easy for me as a beginner to get used to the software, though some of its features are very advanced. Overall, i'd highly recommend.
This software is so amazing. It helps me to plan remodeling of my doors and windows. This is a GREAT program. This is going to help people like me who are not experienced . This is a program like the professionals would use. I love the tools and features that this software offers me.
The programming and visualization aspects of Altium Designer for Windows are its best characteristics, in my opinion. However, I think that the user interface can be updated to give a more modern look. Further, I would recommend benchmarking against competitors. I think that the ability to use the software to simulate trains and their tracks has a lot of potential to be very useful. I did not experience cases of “spinning my wheels” because of not being able to do something due to the software. Thanks!
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