Amazing Slow Downer

by Roni Music

Audio tool used to adjust the speed of audio but not the pitch

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Roni Music

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Amazing Slow Downer is a program that allows you to change the track playback speed without changing the tone. The program interface is very simple. You can work with both CDs and files on the hard disk. When you run the program for the first time, you will be asked to specify the CD ROM drive if you can't find the CD in the system. If you want to work with files on your hard drive, you have such formats as MP3, Wave, Windows Media Audio, Ogg, FLAC and AAC/M4A at your disposal.

When you open a track, you can start editing it right away, or you can cut out the part of it and change it first. In order to cut a piece of track, you need to start the track for playback, and then set the starting point of the segment first, and then the end point. The area will be automatically cut out and all editing will be applied to it. Slightly below are the sliders that adjust the playback speed, tone, and channel distribution.

if you do a lot of precision editing or are just super picky with your projects one of the best or most used tool is the option to slow something down without distorting it too much. The software allows you to do that with cd files or hard drive stored ones
Amazing Slow Downer is a cool software that helps you slow down playback speed. It allows me to listen to music in slow speed and get the full experience! Amazing slow downer has an incredibly simple user interface which is easy to use for just about anyone.
It is a software that let you change the track speed, but you will still have original tone. When you open a track, you can begin to edit and do what you want to do. You just need to set up the start point and end point so all the works will apply on it.
Amazing Slow Downer for Windows is a great tool to have if you enjoy editing your own music. You'll be able to mix up and modify the speed of any song anywhere from 20% speed to 200% speed while still maintaining the integrity of the song's original pitch. You can also adjust what the pitch is so it's in tune with your particular instrument.
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