AMV Converter

Converts an file into an AMV format to be used in players

Operating system: Windows

Release: AMV Converter 1.0

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4729

The AMV converter, is a program which converts high-quality files like MP4 or Avi, to a lower quality, more compressed video format, AMV. This program encodes the format in a stable manner, without sacrificing too much quality, in order to be put on a device that can only read that file format. This software can also convert AMV files into higher quality files such as MP3's or MP4's. 


  • Multiple video formats are supported. This encoder is equipped to read several different video formats, such as flv, Avi, MP3, among several others. This is very important since the encoder is useless if the file format is not supported.
  • Allows downloads from youtube, and other online streaming sites. A very nice gimmick, as many of it's competing for software have the same feature.
  • Video editing. The video editing this software has is very advanced. This software allows you to adjust the framerate, Resolution, bit-rate, saturation, brightness and contrast of the videos that you allow it to edit. Most players only allow you to mess with the resolution. 
  • This program also allows you to crop videos, and merge them with other videos.

This program allows one to convert videos into a desired format, as well as control what kind of quality the output video will have. This program also lets you edit the videos and merge, if one wanted to use it as video editing software one could do that, something not many other "videos converters" have. It also allows one to download from streaming sites, though that is its main fuction.

Stable way of encoding the AMV format without sacrificing too much quality, in a fast way, in comparison to online software that does the same thing

This is a very good program that does what the title suggests, as well as adding several extra features. The program itself is very light, so the features they added don't make the program worse, but instead makes it a very good program overall.

Elle Jay (unverified)
This tool could be really helpful for when you don't need your file to be such a high quality. It converts larger files into AMV files without sacrificing too much quality, as well as letting the user edit the file if needed. Great idea!
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