Angry IP Scanner

by Angryziber Software

IP scanner working for Windows processors

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Angryziber Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Angry IP Scanner is a free open source IP range scanner. The program is fast, easy to use and allows you to scan available ports and ranges of IP addresses. Angry IP Scanner works as follows: it pings the IP address and if it is alive, it determines its hostname, MAC address, scans ports, etc. At the same time, the range of data received by Angry IP Scanner can be expanded with the help of plug-ins. The program also allows you to receive NetBIOS data (computer name, group name, user list, etc.). Scanning results can be saved as XML, TXT and CSV files. Java developers can create their own extensions for Angry IP Scanner. Another useful feature of the program is support for multithreaded scanning - when a separate thread is used to analyze each IP address. At the same time, you can set up a delay between threads launch, specify their maximum allowed number, adjust timeout between pings and other parameters.

- Scanning of IP address ranges;

- port scanning;

- Export scanning results to XML, TXT and CSV formats;

- extensibility with Java plugins;

- multithreading.

This piece of freeware scans for IP addresses and gathers the basic information for the "live" addresses it find. There are plug ins available to help expand it's functionality and it's very simple to use. The scanner can also export the data it finds to an XML, TXT, or CSV formats.
Angry IP Scanner helps with the scanning of various IP ranges and allows the following: port scanning, NetBIOS data, hostnames, many addresses such as MAC addresses. WHat is great is that it will export all of the results from the scan into various formats such as CSV, TXT and XML
This software is extremely useful for finding MAC addresses, ports, hostnames, in an extremely simple and easy way. I would recommend this product to anyone who works in the field of Information Technology. In addition, the computer also allows for the reception of useful NetBIOS data. The software is also customizable.
Angry IP Scanner is an awesome tool if you're looking for a network scanner that works across various platform types. Better yet, it's open-source, meaning it relies on contributions from experts in the community. It works by scanning IP addresses, as well as ports. Network administrators love this tool, in addition to various organizations like financial institutions and companies.
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