IP Hider

by AllAnonymity

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AllAnonymity

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42975

IP Hider is a Windows program that helps you stay invisible while surfing the network. The program has a very easy to use interface, which is designed for users of all types. If exaggerated, it configures your network connection to work through a proxy, and directs all traffic through it. This means that your IP address will be changed regardless of whether you are surfing the web, chatting, or checking your email. The Status screen displays a map of the world. It highlights the countries where the proxy servers are located. You can use proxy servers from 4 countries: USA, UK, France and Germany. Clicking on this button will open a page in Internet Explorer where you will see not only the IP address, but also your current location. To activate the new address, click on the Hide IP button. When you activate a new address, all popular browsers (Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) will work through the new proxy settings.

Harry (unverified)
I feel as if the IP Hider can be a very dangerous idea in the making. It is all fun and games when you are wanting to try to hide porn or something but what happens when it comes to cyber bullying or kidnapping? I do not like this idea at all.
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