AP Tuner

by APTuner

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: APTuner

Last revision: Last week

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AP Tuner is a program that is designed for guitar tuning. Adjustment can be done either by using a microphone or by connecting the instrument to the computer's line input (the second option is much preferable, but not for all guitars). For those who are not very familiar with musical terms, we will give you one simple advice on working with the program. If the indicator in the main window tilts to the left while setting up a particular string, the string needs to be slightly pulled up, and if to the right, the string needs to be released. There are preset indicator sensitivity presets for acoustic and bass guitars of different types. These can be found in the "Note" - "Note Preset" menu. There is also a manual calibration option, which is suitable only for advanced musicians.

AP Tuner has a number of very important advantages over electronic tuners. For example, the program allows you to browse through the music note graphs and includes a signal library. The latter can be edited at will. AP Tuner is also equipped with a sound recording tool. However, the quality of the recording and the number of available parameters leave much to be desired. We recommend the use of specialized solutions for this purpose.

At the moment, the developer has suspended support for the desktop version of AP Tuner and fully focused on improving the mobile application of the same name with identical functionality. It's a pity, because this program is almost the most convenient and easy to use tuner of those that can be downloaded and used for free.

- help setting up acoustic and bass guitars;

- Setting up instruments using a microphone (if they cannot be connected to the computer's line input);

- ready-made tuner presets;

- a manual calibration tool;

- a sound recording tool;

- a simple and intuitive interface.

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