by ronaldhordijk

A fractal flames editor, with many handy features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ronaldhordijk

Release : Apophysis 1.0.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Apophysis is a classic among fractal flames-related software, known for its sheer amount of features, configuration abilities, and more. It supports creating, editing, and rendering new models, as well as other handy utilities that come built-in. The app also comes with instruments for editing the way the model transforms via controlling triangles with different settings to help you adjust it to your liking. The image can also be manipulated by color scheme, location, shadows, and others. The program even gives you access to a simple scripting language that directly corresponds to model movement, allowing for more specific editing and additional effects to be added.

Apophysis is open-source, meaning that there are countless variations of it available, which also means you can find one suitable just for you in no time. It also implies you can edit it on your own, creating even more possibilities for the software variations.


  • Huge amount of tools to work with, high configurability and customization, as well as scripting language built-in for a more comprehensive look at the software capabilities 
  • Transform editor, which responds to the model's detailing and movement. It allows you to precisely edit the way you have your fractal flame in mind.
  • Mutations tab, setting random setting every once in a while for you to check on the model's current integrity and its general entirety 
  • Several ways of extracting your created fractal flame model to other similar programs
  • Support for API plugins for an even greater choice of options, as well as an almost endless source of new ways of creating digital art

Also should be mentioned that the program was made primarily for Windows and Mac, though it would probably work on other operating systems. Overall, apophysis is a great choice for anyone seeking quality fractal flame editors, who provide all the right tools in a rather simple manner and do not overload you with unneeded information. It comes out as a highly customizable, and pretty fast piece of software that is still standing as a great software toolset to this day.

Apothysis is a tool for editing, creating new or rending ready fractal flames, packed with many features
Operating System: Windows 7 or later
Minimum 1 GHz processor
At least 1GB of RAM
Graphics card supporting OpenGL

Offers high level of customization for creating unique fractals.
Supports script to create complex animations and images.
Provides high-resolution export for artwork.

Steep learning curve for beginners.
Limited support for newer operating systems.
Lacks advanced post-processing functionalities.
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