ASUS MultiFrame


Dictate how you use windows on your screen

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ASUS

Release: ASUS MultiFrame

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ASUS MultiFrame allows users to dictate how they want their windows on their screens, it allows them to not have to use multiple screens or monitors because it takes up their entire screen, ASUS MultiFrame will allow you to properly and efficiently utilize all the programs/screens on your monitor to the point where you aren't forced to have multiple monitors to display all your data. It can track your mouse movement so it can efficiently show you a better way to use your screen and all the windows on your screen. You can gain information faster and analyze data with ASUS MultiFrame because of how efficient it is and its design is completely compact. You can use ASUS MultiFrame on any windows version out there, so if you're using 7, 8 or 10 it's totally applicable and you won't have any hassle using this product if you have those 3 windows products. This product allows you to work freely and hassle-free because of how it's designed, it doesn't overlap your displays at all, it doesn't force you into a single design at all, it allows you to dictate how you do it and not the other way around.


  • easy to use
  • free to use
  • Doesn't overlap windows
  • Fully customizable

the conclusion is that ASUS MultiFrame will allow you to flourish in a work environment or just a home environment when using your computer or laptop, it makes it so the windows on your computer don't overlap or have to bother you at all. You can fully customize it to your needs and it's tailored to you completely, the conclusion is if you work a lot on your pc and have windows overlap constantly then ASUS MultiFrame is the program for you and you should check it out right when you can.

Multiple screens on one monitor

James Peetz
it's great app for having multiple screen on one monitor. This asus program is so easily to download and instal. and doesn't need big instruction to use this program.i downloaded and use multiple screens and it really working well. so interesting app.
Muhammad Adame
ASUS MultiFrame is a great utility, which will help you easily divide the windows and make the windows transferred easily when you open many windows. So it’s also convenient for web browsing and data mutual reading. Extend Windows of MultiFrame is very useful while doing a presentation.
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