Auslogics Browser Care

by Auslogics Software Pty Ltd

A safe and useful browser geared towards users who would like less clutter and more utilities

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Auslogics Software Pty Ltd

Release: Auslogics Browser Care

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Auslogics Browser Care functions as a browser program that allows users to work with a browser, which is very much personalized and customizable. It specifically allows users to add on different toolbars, extensions, and other add-in components. It offers these handy and particular elements in order to provide much more of a browsing experience within the interface. In this way, it is comparable to browsers such as Google Chrome and Explorer in that it also offers extensions and toolbars. However, it is more specialized in the tools it offers because it has a narrow sense of what is required in terms of external components. Other browsers may and often do offer a wide variety of toolbars and other components which do delay performance and also lower the available area of viewing within the browser window.

Auslogics Browser Care also serves as a utility that allows users to automatically detect and locate different components such as other web browsers that are installed on your device. It then allows users to view the safety and security information associated with them and their additional or included components. In this way, the program offers security and safety, all while functioning as a simple and working browser program.

Auslogics Browser Care can come into use for individuals of different types, such as users who would like a somewhat specialized program, and perhaps for more advanced users. They would like more control as to what goes into their primary browser program and what else it can perform.

Offers useful tools which can be added to the browser, is simple and safe

  • Browser program
  • Simple and reliable
  • Does not include unnecessary toolbars and components
  • Offers selection of useful tools to potentially add if desired
  • Scans security and safety of other browsers and components
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