Auto Quality for YouTube

by MegaXT

With this straightforward Chrome extension, you can automatically change the quality of YouTube videos to whatever you choose, so you don't have to do it every time a new clip loads.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MegaXT

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Maybe your data plan only allows you to play content at 720P, or maybe your internet connection is so strong that you always choose the maximum quality. It is possible to manually change to the chosen quality, but what if there was an extension that could do it for you? The perfect tool for this is YouTube's Auto Quality feature, which allows you to choose your favorite quality and have every video play at it by default.

Installing this simply just adding the Google Chrome extension to your browser from the Web Store. After that, you may use the add-on and benefit from its features. By clicking the icon, users can access the straightforward user interface, which gives them the option to adjust the video's default quality and to have clips automatically halt when they get on a certain page. Additionally, there is a YouTube Gaming function that applies your preferences to the media that is watched there. Although the Auto Pause Video function performed well for us, it should be noted that it is still in the experimental stage and may occasionally malfunction.

The add-Default on's Quality settings will automatically alter the video resolution. We can state that the extension was effective because it automatically changed the quality of the footage throughout our tests. It's important to know that the highest possible resolution will be used for playing if the quality of a video is lower than your default quality level. If you want to improve the comfort of your YouTube experience, Auto Quality is a fantastic option to have. Please give us 5 stars and share on Facebook if you enjoy Auto Quality for YouTubeTM.Are you annoyed that YouTubeTM videos don't instantly transition to HD? Try YouTubeTM's Auto Quality!YouTube adjusts the quality of your video stream based on your viewing environment to offer you the best watching experience possible. As you view videos, you can notice that the video quality varies according to certain circumstances.

There are many different types and sizes of videos on YouTube, and the latter is particularly crucial to take into account when determining your bandwidth.

  • YouTube Gaming videos that auto pause
  • HD Auto
  • No obtrusive icons! It just works!
  • No need to refresh your videos
  • Movie player/screen size: Videos of higher quality typically play more smoothly on bigger screens.
  • Video quality when first uploaded: If the video was made in regular definition, high definition wouldn't be available.
  • The internet signal's speed
I open many tabs so i really need it to be set to a specific quality and also pause it so i can eat my food without setting up too many things. and its Works on Opera at 1080p. before this ex i used to open several tabs and check them one by one to adjust the quality to my internet quota because YouTube cannot let us choose a preferred quality. Its better quality you making .
the best extention must have , I really liked this extension,to see my videos with high quality from youtube was really surprise, I use it in the chrome and woks perfect.
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