Battery Eater Pro

by Battery Eater Team

Testing tool intended to reveal the potential of a notebook battery pack

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Battery Eater Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Battery Eater Pro is a program that allows you to determine the maximum operating time of your notebook in standalone mode. To do this, you only need to charge the battery as much as possible, then start the program and disconnect the notebook from the network. The program will automatically detect the change of the power supply and start working immediately. To know the minimum battery life, you will need to set the maximum values in the screen settings, disable the computer from going to sleep when the screen is idle for a long time, turn off the screen, etc. However, this value is exactly the same as the actual load on the battery. Thus, you can learn only the minimum possible time of productivity of the laptop at independent work. To calculate the more real parameters, you need to select the appropriate Reader mode or the Simple mode. Testing will only stop when the system is completely shut down. After that you will be able to see the report saved in the report.html file, which will be available after the next download. In the report you will find not only the standalone operating time, but also all the necessary data about the processor, battery type, manufacturer and much more.

I was in desperate need of a benchmark test for the operating time of my notebook in standalone mode. I was pleased when I came across Battery Eater Pro, which helped me figure out the minimum battery life for my device. There are many other features I haven't tested yet, which are a bonus. But as it stands now, I would highly recommend Battery Eater Pro.
Battery Eater Pro helps drain your laptop battery so you can test for any deficiencies! Used by tech professionals across the globe to test the longevity of integrated batteries. Battery Eater Pro is available for free so there is no cost or obligation to you!
Battery Eater Pro for Windows is a program that can show me how much battery life I have left in my notebook. In that regard, it's a very functional tool. I appreciate that I can modify the conditions and assumptions that the program makes about my notebook and my usage of it, and that the estimate of the battery life is always incredibly accurate.
I have using this Battery Eater Pro software in my system. I am very excited to use this software. First I thought that how free of cost software may give full satisfaction to us? But after using this Batter Eater Pro I am really very satisfied. This software is benchmark the real time of the Battery working hours. And another important one is this Battery Eater Pro software is disabled all the power saving mode and then showcase the real time battery working hours. I am really very happy to use this software. It is worthiest.
Harrison Y*****e
Battery Eater Pro is a software tool used to measure the battery life of a laptop or other device. It simulates real-life usage scenarios and provides accurate results by testing the battery in several different ways. Battery Eater Pro provides users with the ability to estimate the battery life of a laptop or other device under different usage scenarios and conditions, allowing them to make better decisions about when to recharge their device.
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