by Matt Wu

A file system driver that allows the user to easily operate extension files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Matt Wu

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ext2Fsd is a free driver for Microsoft Windows that allows the system to work with Ext2 and Ext3 file systems. To work with the application, start the disk manager and then select the disk or partition in Ext2 and Ext3 format that you want to mount and assign it a letter.

Functions supported by Ext2Fsd:

- support for reading and writing to ext2/ext3 partitions;

- support for ext3 journalistic editing;

- support for various code pages: utf8, cp936, cp950, etc;

- Automatic assignment of the mounting point;

- support for large inodes: 128, 256, etc;

- support for files larger than 4 GB;

- shared CIFS access over the network;

- htree directory indexing;

- Read-only ext4 support;

- fsck support (uninit_bg).

Functions not supported by Ext2Fsd:

- Full support for ext3 file system journaling;

- Extended support for ext4;

- LVM and Linux raid (md).

Functions supported for Ext3/4 file systems:

- flexible inode size;

- htree directory indexing;

- support for large files.

Functions not supported for Ext3/4 file systems:

- Journalism;

- flex_bg;

- EA and ACL.

Ext2Fsd is a free software compatible with Windows that supports the files you open/work on through Microsoft Windows. It's perfect for anyone that reads or creates a lot of document type files.
It works but it can be a little funky at times. Does what it needs to do though when it does work. I've been able to mount and read most of my hard disks. I wish it had raid support since I have backup drives I need to access, but its supposedly a feature they're working on. I'd be careful about trying to modify anything on the drives, windows play a bit funny with that sometimes.
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