Book Bazaar Reader

by Refrelent Software Lab

A free book reader that is easy to use and packed with features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Refrelent Software Lab

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Book Bazaar reader is a wonderful ebook reading app and best of all it's free. It can help you manage your ebook library as well. It's packed with interesting features that give the user a very good ebook reading experience. The Bazaar Book reader is fluid, responsive. The import features are very good. You can import EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PDF, TXT ebooks by just clicking on the file. Then Bazaar will import them in the apps book library for you to store. There are other ways to import ebooks also like through the apps menu or via an URL. 


  • The interface is clean and simple. The app allows you access to multiple books at a time, unlike other apps that limit you to one or the last book you read. There a variety of different font styles you can pick from. Find one that suits your taste to make the reading experience more enjoyable.
  • You can also change it the reader into night mode to make it easier and more comfortable to read at night. The book reader also allows you to create categories for your books. 
  • The bazaar reader presents the ebook in sort of a 3D page view. It gives you the feel you are looking a real paper book. Combined with the animated page turning it really does a good job at trying to replicate a real book reading experience. More features include a progress bar to let you know how far you have read.
  • You can change the size of the text to make it easier to read. With the app being free it is ad-supported but I found the ads to not be very intrusive and it really was not a problem. 

Conclusion - I am very impressed with the Book Bazaar Book Reader. FOr being a free ebook reader it packs a lot of very useful features, gives the user ways to customize their experience and best of all it's free![About this product - what does this software do, how it's different, etc ]

It overs plenty of customization options for the user.


Minimum OS Requirements: Xbox One, Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher, Windows 8.1, Price - Free

Architecture/CPU: x86, x64, ARM, ARM64

The product grabs free ebooks from various websites and gives you a nice interface to read them all with. It also allows you to check which books you were in the middle of reading, which allows you to get back into whatever you were reading with ease. This software is pretty useful if you are into reading ebooks and does it job well, having the necessary functions that an ebook reader needs. You can even customize the font for greater readability.
So let me tell you how it helped me in my book reading. first of all, it has a simple interface that is very helpful for me and i think it will be helpful for everyone too. another cool thing is this supports a lot of file formats most of them are useful. Sometimes it crashes and only available in full-screen mode which is okay for me. because i can customize the view and I can also add bookmarks and make highlights and notes. this is pretty cool to use in every way really satisfied.
Book Bazaar reader for windows is an e-book reader. It is safe and secure to use the program. It is a book reading application for windows. It is capable of reading any kind of file. It is an amazing ebook reading app which is very secure. We can download books from open application catalogs .It is free to download. It is the best application for windows.
Book Bazaar Reader is a godsend. I've been looking for a way to get books online, but all of the options seemed really expensive as you had to buy every book you wanted. With this program though, I have access to thousands of books and I don't even have to pay anything for them. I'm super happy and I recommend this to anyone who wants to start reading for free.
This is an outmoded app that doesn’t provide the complete user experience that most modern electronic publications are designed to present. Without access to common features like page numbering and a bull-in dictionary, this app can’t compete on today’s home screens. Limitation to free web content and side loaded files is also a major drawback. This app would need to have major subscription services readily accessible in order to be anything but a budget option in an epub reader. It’s probably fine if your needs are limited to commonly available, basic text publications and public-domain publications, but I can’t recommend it for the professional or for academic researchers.
Book Bazaar Reader is a lifesaver. I'd been looking for a way to get books online, but all of the options seemed Prohibitively expensive because you had to buy each book individually. With this programme,however, I have access to thousands of books without having to pay anything . I'm overjoyed, and I highly recommend it to anyone who want to start reading for free. i like it very much for this software.
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