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If we remember back to our grade school days, I'm sure we can recall unrolling a large piece of construction paper and adorning them with bubbles and lines, making a visual representation of our thoughts and how they connect. What seemed like just a fun exercise is actually a powerful method of organizing your ideas and giving them useful context.

This process is commonly referred to as mind-mapping and, of course, there's an app for that. PersonalBrain, available for Windows devices, takes the old-school ideation method and updates it for the app age.


Drag-and-Drop documents and web links for faster creation
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Multiple versions, including a free tier
  • Template options (paid tiers)
  • Microsoft Outlook support ('Pro' tier)

The intuitive interface invites quick and easy creation and exploration of your thoughts. One of the key differentiators between PersonalBrain and other mind-mapping methods is a robust drag-and-drop functionality, particularly useful when establishing ongoing templates and versioning.

In order to make the app accessible to those who are not power users, or those that just want to dip their toes in before making the plunge, PersonalBrain is available for free for non-commercial users. It should be noted that this free option has a more limited toolset, as compared to the 'Core' and 'Pro' paid versions. The Core version allows you to attach your document files, search the web within the interface, create templates which are extensible, and even merge multiple mindmaps (called 'Brains' within the program) into one, ahem, Brain. The Pro takes things even further, with the ability to place these Brains in a calendar, print options, and deep hooks into Microsoft Outlook, which is still the business communications hub of choice for many professionals.

Mindmapping may not be for everyone, but for anyone who has some nostalgia for those grade school bubbles on construction paper, or for anyone that needs a flexible and powerful ideation tool, do yourself a favor and give PersonalBrain a try.

Requirements: Windows OS

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Roger Smith

This program has been great for mapping out my ideas. Its super easy to use, especially with its drag and drop feature. I feel like i can get a lot more done because of it. If your like me and are a bit all over the place you should grab this program!
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PersonalBrain for Windows allows you to arrange your thoughts. PersonalBrain can also help you to make charts. PersonalBrain is more effective than other programs since it lets you rearrange files and Internet sites in order for them to be more convenient. In addition, PersonalBrain is a laid back software that can join your thoughts together. Besides that, it has been downloaded several times.
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Logan Ezell

PersonalBrain for Windows is a mind-mapping software that is useful in organizing your thoughts and ideas; associating and organizing thoughts into solid ideas, with the unique addition of ability to upload or drag-and-drop files into the software to go beyond just words or phrases. Common complaints with the software include the inability to save files as formats aside from HTML and slow processing times. This software allows you to digitally map out and connect your thoughts to form productive ideas and plans.
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If you consider yourself to be an innovator or a creator, you probably have a lot of thoughts and ideas wandering in your head. If that's the case, you should check out PersonalBrain. This application lets you practice mind mapping, which will help you streamline and categorize your thoughts in an organized fashion. The application lets you make your own diagrams, sketches, and networks. You can even bring pages from the Internet, as well as external files, into your mind map.
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PersonaBrain is an efficient tool for editing and creating incredible mind and concept maps, useful for the presentation of projects and tasks or the demonstration of some activity, this program allows you to choose between several templates to generate a much more attractive look for the user, as well as multiple tools which makes it a simple but powerful software.
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A note editor packed with awesome features and much reliability to make your work easier. This software is what coders and software engineers need in ensuring well-coordinated work. The styling and over 900+ font templates bring out some of its beauty. Why don't you check it out to have a feel of its aura?
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I can't live without this tool. I always got information overload when researching different topics online. What this does is allow me to take all my files from my computer and online websites and create visual maps and diagrams that help to organize my workflows and the evolution of my research and findings. I can divide the "data" into various topics about me like Work and Hobbies, and it keeps everything neatly organized. What's really cool is how it will connect items from all over and keep track of important specifics like dates and to-do lists. It's like taking your brain and putting it in its own little personal program.
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PersonalBrain for Windows is a software for mind-mapping that allows you to map your ideas very easily. The PersonalBrain app is used to create diagrams, networking and simply sketching out your thoughts. Your thoughts are transformed to something concrete using the app, you can also drag and drop files and web pages into the mind map to add more usefulness. one major problem of the software app is that it allows export in HTML only.
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Awesome mind mapping app. I will use this to format my thoughts and ideas. I like it very much, it's easier than other apps to use, and has many useful functions. Biggest pro is it allows you to upload content which other mind mapping programs do not let you do. This is cool thanks.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner

PersonalBrain really helps me organize all my ideas! I use it for all sorts of things. When I'm working on a project, I can quickly add an idea to come back to it later without losing my place. I also appreciate the visual organization of the notes in the map - as a visual learner, it makes studying for exams much easier.
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Rhys N.

PersonalBrain is a powerful, visual, and intuitive personal information manager that allows users to create an interconnected "brain" of thoughts, ideas, notes, documents, and websites. It helps users to easily search, organize, and quickly access all their data in one place. PersonalBrain also offers advanced features such as relationships, timelines, goals, and reminders.
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Olly B*****y

I have been using PersonalBrain for a couple of years now and I find it very useful for organizing my work. It helps me easily access my projects, tasks, and ideas. I appreciate the flexibility of the software, which allows me to customize the layout and navigation. The search engine is also very helpful in finding the information I need quickly. I like the timeline feature, which helps me visualize and manage my tasks. The customer support is also very responsive and helpful. Overall, I'm very happy with the software and its features.
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Mason V.

I've been using PersonalBrain for some time now, and it's really great for organising my thought and ideas, but I find the navigation a bit confusing sometiemes.
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Alexander K.

PersonalBrain is a powerful mind mapping tool that provides an intuitive interface and allows for flexible organization and visualization of information.
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Alexander N.

PersonalBrain software is a versatile and powerful tool for organizing and visualizing complex information.
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Andrew W.

PersonalBrain software allows users to seamlessly organize and connect all their thoughts, ideas, and information in one dynamic and intuitive interface.
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