by Equi4 Software

An efficient file search tool for Linux-based systems, offering fast indexing, preview thumbnails, and user-friendly interface

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Equi4 Software

Antivirus check: passed

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CatFish software is a file search tool designed for Linux-based operating systems. It provides users with the ability to swiftly locate numerous files and folders on their system. CatFish is lightweight, swift, and supports a variety of search methods, including searching by file name, file size, modification date, and more. It's designed with ease of use in mind, featuring a simple and intuitive user interface that makes file searching a quick and painless process.

CatFish is a standout desktop application for XFCE, a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX and similar operating systems. It's fully integrated into the XFCE desktop environment, but also works well in other desktop environments. It is maintained by the XFCE project, a community of developers committed to producing high-quality software that adheres to industry standards for performance and functionality.

  • Quick search: CatFish uses an efficient indexing method to search for files, making the search process significantly faster than other tools.
  • Search by criteria: The software allows users to search for files based on a number of criteria, including name, size, modification date, and file type.
  • Thumbnails: CatFish displays file thumbnails, allowing users to preview a file before opening it.
  • Simple user interface: The software features a clean and intuitive user interface, greatly simplifying the file search process.

Despite its simplicity, CatFish is an incredibly powerful and versatile file search tool. Whether you're searching for a specific file, or simply looking to organize and clean up your system, CatFish offers a suite of features that can assist you. The software is regularly updated with new features and improvements, ensuring it stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. It's also open-source, meaning anyone can contribute to its development and enhance its functionality.

CatFish software swiftly locates files on Linux-based systems, streamlining search processes and improving file management.

In conclusion, if you're seeking an effective, flexible, and user-friendly file search tool for your Linux operating system, CatFish is an excellent choice. With its plethora of features and active support community, it provides everything you need to efficiently manage your files and folders.

Requires Linux-based operating system
Works well with XFCE and similar desktop environments
Supports various file search methods
Requires minimal system resources for operation

Offers swift and accurate file search.
Lightweight and integrated into XFCE environment.
Open-source with regular updates.

Does not support cross-platform use outside Linux-based systems.
Lacks advanced search filtering options.
No customer support for troubleshooting issues.
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