Character Creator

by Reallusion Inc

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Reallusion Inc

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.93986

Character Creator is a program for creating three-dimensional human models. It contains tools for editing skeletons, faces, clothes and accessories. Also, the user can choose between several ready-made models of different types, which can be changed to the desired state by morphing. But the most interesting feature of Character Creator is scanning a person's face in a photo and automatically transferring his or her features to the editor. It works not quite precisely and in the overwhelming majority of cases the "scanned" model still requires manual corrections. Most changes to the model are made by "moving" the slider. In this regard, the program is very similar to the character editor from some video game. And working with her is almost as easy as that.

The system of changing the age of the model deserves special attention. Once you've created a character, you'll be able to age him or her in just a few clicks or rejuvenate him or her. Age can also be emphasized with clothes. Editor allows you to choose a character interesting look, using a fairly extensive wardrobe. Tissue simulation in Character Creator suffers a bit, and you can't load your own things - just edit the ones that were originally added to the program's library. But you can change the color of clothes, add abrasions and holes, place your own logos and so on.

In addition to realistic human models, Character Creator can also create cartoons. For this purpose, separate sets of tools for editing skin, hair, cosmetics and animation are available.

- the transfer of human facial features from the photo to a three-dimensional model;

- advanced morphing tools;

- Setting up character gestures, adding clothes and accessories;

- skeleton, body build, and muscle tuning;

- a unique system of aging and rejuvenation of the character with the movement of one slider;

- adjusting the skin tone, adding tanning and tattoos;

- adding your own logos to your clothes.

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