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An opensource computer education game that teaches programming and computer science principles

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CodeCombat is a computer-based educational program that teaches programming languages and computer science principles in a challenging, entertainment-based approach. It offers a framework for teaching multiple programming languages like Python and Clojure as high-level languages and HTML and Javascript as scripting languages.

The software features 11 different learning modules that are designed across core software web development categories, computer game development categories, and fundamental computer science principles. Learning is crafted to accommodate self-paced learning, as well as a structured curriculum that is attractive to school districts and individual learning institutions. The software is suitable for teaching programming and computer science principles to learners, age 9 to 16, but also to adult learners that identify with online learning systems.

Catering to independent software developers, CodeCombat offers an open-source license that provides game development frameworks and example modules and games, such as the popular Ozaria that was released within the last 18 months. The software education platform offers a free basic product, along with a subscription-based offering that allows learners to learn at a monthly, pay-as-you-go pricing approach.

CodeCombat’s approach to offering services and products to their customers includes a commitment to helping any student learn, assisting schools and institutions develop effective computer science programs, and provide teachers and mentors with tools that they can use to successfully teach programming and computer science as an art and career.

Provides an entertainment-based approach for teaching youth and adults the art and principles of programming, including four+ computer languages and level-based skill development

  • Instruction in specific computer programming languages as well as computer science principles and concepts
  • Programming instruction in high-level programming languages, including Clojure and Python; and scripting languages, including Javascript, HTML, and CoffeeScript
  • Free basic instruction and monthly, subscription-based access to advanced coding instruction
  • Single-player and multi-player instruction frameworks, that require players to master specific levels of programming proficiency and computer science knowledge
  • Pricing and licensing for individual self-paced learning users as well as institution and school district instruction

Positive software reviews from leading software magazines, including PC Magazine and Common Sense Education

Industry awards for excellence in product and in educational systems

CodeCombat is an innovative way of teaching and having fun, you would be saying to yourself: how? CodeCombat offers the user the ability of teaching on how to code in Python, Java and other programming languages while playing a fun videogame. The idea is pretty simple, you start the game with a lot of puzzles and stuff to complete but you need to code whats required to finish the game, alongside the teachers that will be explaining you what to do and how to do it, it a great alternative to start learning!
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