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A great program that significantly speeds up your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JetBoost

Release: JetBoost

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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JetBoost is an absolutely amazing very easy to use program that will speed your computer up for you without you having to go through technical details and trying to understand very complex functions.

JetBoost will quickly analyze your computer to find any troubling programs that are running on it and may cause your computer to slow down for any reason. Once it's run its analysis with just one click, you will be able to shut down all programs that are slowing down your computer. This will result in significant speed boosts for playing video files or graphically intense video games.

Another great use of this is so you can focus on your work. By closing down any distracter programs, you will able to put your complete focus on what you need to get done and what you need to accomplish. Once you've completed your work, you can restore all of the other programs so you will not have to stay out of the loop for long.

JetBoost is highly customizable, so you can choose which programs you want it to stop and which programs you want to allow. You can have it do anything for you. The setup is straightforward, and you have to click a few boxes to make your choices.

JetBoost is a Windows program and does require a modern version of Windows. It is freeware so you can install it on as many computers as you want. You can share it with your friends for free as well so they can find out how great it is! As an added feature, it comes in many languages, so you can even share it among people who do not speak English!

JetBoost will allow you to focus on your priorities when you need to don't get distracted.
Farid Rajabi
It should be an interesting program. I like software that is flexible and exciting to set it up.For me, it's important that security programs work only on software that I set up.I do not really like the security plans outside of my control
JetBoost provides me and my computer top-notch support that exceeds my expectations. It is super easy to use and with one click I can improve my gaming so much! Not only does it help with my gaming, but when its time to do work I click JetBoost and I am always sure that it provides me with my computer's best possible performance. I will never be able to go back!
Finlay Snell
a windows software program for getting rid of background data.
JetBoost for Windows is free and proven to be completely safe and not contain malware, spyware or viruses. Boost with just one click and remove all distractions from irrelevant applications as you focus only on your work. If you want to have a superb gaming experience, you will be able to get the maximus capacity out of your PC.
"Worked for me" PROS I went through the settings very carefully before pressing the big blue button. Checked some stuff - unchecked some stuff. Not much. CONS I have windows 10 and it worked. SUMMARY It speeded up my online game a lot so far.
This app has everything you would ever need! This removes irrelevant apps running in the background so that you can get your work done. It also shuts down any unnecessary processes. You can customize the app settings to what works best for you. This app is clean and safe from any kind of viruses. This app is also free for anyone to use which is even better!
Basically Jet boost is software that speeds up the computer and product from unwanted malfunctions and basic antivirus. It helps to work fast and a system utility app that works by shutting down unnecessary processes responsible for slowing down the computer. And its totally free app for their user to work fast and gaming. Jet booster is an interesting tool capable of quickly boosting the performance of computers. .
JetBoost for Windows is amazing. I totally recommend it. The way it works is you click on it and it boosts your pc performance. So you will notice it running and moving faster.
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